5 thoughts on “How to remove/appear Recycle Bin Icon on Desktop in XP”

  1. If you want to remove all desktop icons (as the screenshot suggests) to show a great wallpaper just right click the mouse on desktop -> Arrange icons by -> Show Desktop Icons

  2. forgive my naivete, but aside from aesthetics, is there a real benefit in removing the bin from the desktop?

  3. Yeah, agree, Sumit, thts also one of the way. Through this could be done by proper registry editing as well. Which is a little long process.!

  4. Dear friend, honestly there are are no benefits as such. It’s just one’s opinion. Like I dont like any icons on my desktop, icons covering screen makes the screen look Gross.!lol. So i enjoy a beautiful wallpaper by removing all !:)
    Good day friend! be in touch!

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