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XPS 1210 camera hack.

I got hold of an additional logitech camera that is used in Dell XPS 1210 [just dont ask me how]. I had no use of it as i already had my XPS camera replaced. It laid in my drawer for several weeks and then one day I decided to connect it to my desktop for my younger brother to VDO chat with me.

The advantage of this camera is that it is USB and has a builtin microphone.

So no hassels of connecting a mic to the rear of the cabinet.

What all you need…

1. image007

XPS 1210 camera.

2. image008

USB extension cable and USB connector

3. image009

Something to cut wires and plastic.

4. A CD case of 10 CDs [ the ususal round plastic one ].

What i did was simply cut wires of the camera connector, took another USB connector and connected the same colored wires. Tested it and It worked.

image010 image011 image014

I cut the CD box cover to screw the camera on the hinges like structure that i cut from the same plastic.

I also made a cut on the edge to fix the USB connector.


This is how it looked like after being done.

I used aUSB extension cable to plug the camera into the USB ports on the rear panel of my desktop.

The reason for using the extension was to keep it modular and most of all I didn’t want to cut the extension cable as it was a new one 😉 and It remains usable with other devices.

image017 image016

The above pictures show the end result. And u can see it working!