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Microsoft sued for tracking mobile users’ location without permission

Lawsuit claims that tech giant collects data about customers’ whereabouts even they have opted out of location tracking


Microsoft faces a lawsuit for allegedly tracking the location of users of its Windows Phone 7 software even after they had opted out

Microsoft tracks the location of its mobile users even after customers turned the software off, a lawsuit filed on Wednesday alleges.

The legal action claims that owners of Windows Phone 7 smartphonesare being unwittingly tracked when the camera on their phone is switched on.

The lawsuit, filed in a Seattle federal court, claims that Microsoft collects data about the whereabouts of its users even after customers have opted out of location tracking.

Microsoft declined to comment on Thursday morning.

The lawsuit follows mounting concern about how technology giants, including Apple and Google, record users’ private data. Microsoft, Nokia, Apple and Google were called before the US Congress in April to explain their privacy policies after security researchers uncovered hidden location-tracking software in iPhones. Google Android phones weresubsequently found to gather location data, but required users’ explicit permission.

The lawsuit alleges that Microsoft’s letter to congress, which claimed that location data is collected “always with the express consent of the user”, was “false”.

The claim, filed by Rebecca Cousineau, says that Microsoft transmits data including coordinates of a customer’s location when the phone’s camera is switched on. According to the lawsuit, hidden tracking affects smartphones using Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 software, such as the HTC 7 Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7.

Microsoft is understood to be preparing a response to the claims.

In its representation to US Congress in May, the Redmond, Washington-based company said that tracking users’ location helps “deliver more useful and relevant experiences to users”.

It adds: “To provide these rich experiences, Microsoft collects limited information necessary to determine the approximate location of a device. Collection is always with the express consent of the user and the goal of our collection is never to track where a specific device has been or is going.

“We believe that, when designed, deployed and managed responsibly, the location-based feature of a mobile operating system should function as a tool for the user and the applications he or she elects to use, and not as a means to generate a database of sensitive information that can enable a party to surreptitiously ‘track’ a user.”

PC sales slump likely to affect windows

http://i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/i/tim/2011/04/27/Win7_HomePremium_web_270x378.jpgWhen Microsoft announces its fiscal third quarter earnings after the market closes today, most analysts will zero in on one data point–how Windows is selling.

Windows–one of the three engines that powers Microsoft sales and profits, along with Office, and server software–seems likely to have a sluggish quarter. Two weeks ago, research firm IDC surprised industry watchers with a report that global PC shipments declined 3.2 percent during the first quarter, compared with the year-ago period, citing “cautious business mentality and waning consumer enthusiasm.”

“Clearly, the PC market is under pressure,” said Adam Holt, a Morgan Stanley analyst. And since the vast majority of PCs run Windows, Microsoft earnings are under some pressure too.

There’s little doubt that Microsoft will report its best-ever fiscal third quarter revenue. But with slowing PC shipments, Windows, which should account for about 28 percent of Microsoft’s overall sales this quarter, will be a drag on earnings. Slowing sales of Windows, long the fuel for Microsoft’s economic engine, is cause for some concern.

On Tuesday, Holt cut $200 million from his projections for Windows sales in the fiscal third quarter to $4.47 billion, a 4 percent decline from the year-ago period. And since Windows accounts for about 28 percent of Microsoft’s overall revenue, Holt nudged his overall quarterly estimates downward, expecting the company to earn $4.47 billion on sales of $15.8 billion.

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Windows Error tcsd_win32.exe

Getting rid of TCSD_WIN32.exe

1. Click on start button on the taskbar
2. Click on RUN
3. Box will pop up, type in msconfig
4. System Configuration Utility will pop up, click on the STARTUP tab
5. scroll down the list and find the program tcsd_win32.exe and uncheck the box
6. get back out to the desktop and restart the computer.
7. now go into your C Drive and find the directory named Program Files.
8. once in program files, find the directory called NRTU and delete it.

After you do this you can repeat steps 1-5 and look for the tcsd_win32.exe file again. It shouldn’t show up on the list again, if it does, it should have already been unclicked.

I’ve noticed this problem pops up after a specific windows update is applied, I haven’t figured out which one yet, just dont have the time. If you have the time, complain to dell. Like that would work.

If tcsd file did not show in ur start-up list, maybe try task panel:)