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Windows Error tcsd_win32.exe

Getting rid of TCSD_WIN32.exe

1. Click on start button on the taskbar
2. Click on RUN
3. Box will pop up, type in msconfig
4. System Configuration Utility will pop up, click on the STARTUP tab
5. scroll down the list and find the program tcsd_win32.exe and uncheck the box
6. get back out to the desktop and restart the computer.
7. now go into your C Drive and find the directory named Program Files.
8. once in program files, find the directory called NRTU and delete it.

After you do this you can repeat steps 1-5 and look for the tcsd_win32.exe file again. It shouldn’t show up on the list again, if it does, it should have already been unclicked.

I’ve noticed this problem pops up after a specific windows update is applied, I haven’t figured out which one yet, just dont have the time. If you have the time, complain to dell. Like that would work.

If tcsd file did not show inĀ ur start-up list, maybe try task panel:)