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If you don’t pay tax then –

If you don’t like paying taxes . . .


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– Don’t drive on paved streets or highways.

– Don’t fly in an airplane that uses air-traffic controllers.

– Don’t use the court system.

– Don’t call the police when you get robbed.

– Don’t use the Post Office, send all your letters via UPS.

– Don’t ask for a agricultural subsidy.

– Don’t ask for a taxpayer subsidy to do business in a city or state.

– Don’t send your children to public schools.

– Don’t attend a state university.

– Don’t look for a government.

– Don’t run for political office where your salary is paid for by the taxpayers.

– Don’t accept government research findings that subsidize research for your industry.

– Don’t be an airline and expect the government to bail you out.

– Don’t be a car company and expect the government to bail you out.

– Don’t be a steel company and expect the government to bail you out.

– Don’t be a company that pollutes and expect the taxpayer to bail you out.

– Don’t call the fire department.

– Don’t expect federal assistance if a natural disaster destroys your home or business.

– Don’t expect the military to defend your country.

– Don’t visit national parks or hike in national forests.

– Don’t drink, bath or otherwise use the water from municipal water systems.

– Don’t look at or relay a weather report.

– Don’t expect a unit of measure like a Litre of petrol to be a full Litre.

– Don’t expect an elevator to work correctly or not fall.

– Don’t expect a red light to work.

– Don’t expect research into medical problems such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, aging, prostrate, menopause, etc.

– Don’t use the public library.

– Don’t apply for government grants.

– Don’t use your state’s convention centers.

– Don’t go to a state, city or municipal-run airport.

– Don’t ask for rural electrification.

– Don’t drive a car that benefits from government safety regulations.

– Don’t use electricity generated by some government-owned and maintained dam or facility.

– Don’t use currency printed by the RBI.

– Don’t go to a beach kept clean by the state.

– Don’t use public transportation.

– Don’t visit public museums.

– Don’t go hunting, fishing, or camping on government property.

– Don’t cross a bridge.

– Don’t use public restrooms.

– Don’t expect your tap water to be clean and germ free.

– Don’t expect there to be much wildlife left other than rats.

– Don’t eat any food transported on roads.

– Don’t expect any workplace safety standards, labor laws, or minimum wage.

– Don’t expect highway signs.

– Don’t expect laws against murder, theft, etc. (the govt. DEFINES crime).

– Don’t expect convicted criminals to be in prison and off your street.

– Don’t expect the state or county to investigate and/or remove children from neglectful or abusive homes.

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