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How to dry wet mobile


Yesterday my cell phone .. got drenched in water … almost got itself killed… I tried soo many tricks to save its life.. D moisture almost took my baby’s life… I saved it .. with rice … U can too …

It could be anything .. sink, toilet or rainstorm, anything …
Posting it so that it might help you… Don’t try to turn your ph on!.
1. Remove the battery immediately , patt it dry with a towel
2. If sun is high .. put them out ..
3. Try using a hair dryer
4. Put into a container of dry raw rice for a day ( maybe for 2 -3)
5. put phone in a plastic bag with a few silica packets.
6. Hearing aid dryer for several hours.
7. Place it in an oven with just the oven light on for a few days(the light on is enough to dry out the air and increase the temperature just a little).
8. Rub alcohol to avoid corrosion due to the water but don’t use it on the screen