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25 startups that would shape the web

The organizers of The Next Web 2010 say they have reviewed 245 submissions, looked at 73 one-minute video pitches and ultimately selected 45 companies for a back-to-back interview round. In the end, 25 startups made the cut – they will get the chance to talk up their company on the main stage, after which a jury of professionals will jointly decide who delivered the most convincing pitch.

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14 Amazing Twitter Applications

Tweeting is an ART. And it needs dedication and commitment. I came across some wonderful Twitter Applications which I used myself and loved them. I am sharing the same to my readers.

1) Tweepular


If you want to know who is following you and who is not, this solution will give you the chance to do that in a very simple way.  In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to manage and administer your Tweeps. If you want to track others’ popularity on Twitter as well as to have the chance to get access to a highly effective way to manage all your Twitter followers, take a look at this site.



It deals with the most hyped stories from social messaging utility. A screen into the greenhouse of world-shaking linkage and chatter.

3) Mr.Tweet


If you want to know how much influence you have on others. Who are your top twitter buddies. Find new friends with same interest who are active. Amazing site with great insights.

4) Tweeps


This deals with out Usage of ”words”. What Do we like to use more often. How many tweets we have per day, the social ratio’s, hasttag ratio etc.

5) Twitalyzer


This is also one good site which deals with Impact percentage, influence, Generosity, Clout and our Engagement.  A good input site. Helpful for us to be better Twitter Users.

6) Twilert


If you want to keep track of a particular word or hashtag. Just name it here and Schedule it. And you would love to track the results.

7) Twetangle


This is one hell of an amazing site. There are soo many things that could be managed here,Groups, networks, friends. “TwitTangle is a free service that helps you untangle the mess of having to many friends on twitter. They allow you to rate and tag your friends and then filter your timeline to help you easily find the tweets that are most important to you!  This tool lets you rate and tag your friends and filter them on a timeline! You can also create custom groups of your followers and filter you timeline by that group.

8 ) Untweeps


Find out who does not tweet often and you can remove them on your choice.

9) Myceaner


This is yet another tool that will help us automatically unfollow all the inactive accounts based on when their last tweet was, and help you save your follow number.

10) TwtrFrnd


Helps you to find out if those people whom you are  following are following you back or not

So just register and it will display people whom you follow and the friends of those people and fans of them. It is handy as you can sort of people according to the numbers of followers they have.

11) friendorfollow


If you’re unsure whether to follow someone or not, just use this tool to find out if you have common interests and whether there are guys you are following in common

12) ReTweet Rank


It finds out all the re-tweeted stories and grades on the number of re-tweets. It is a good site to know your rank!.

13) Tweet Rank


Find out which Tweet made you popular and which one un-popular. Find out what people like in you and what they dislike. Make sure  once you check the site you are on English Version.

14) Who follows whom


Finding out common users between two accounts. Try 2 powerful users and then you can figureout whts the inside story. Try more than 2 accounts and you know whts in real going inside Twitter mentioned People.  Do give it a short. It’s a good application.