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And the journey goes on…

600fd200e03f523902e498c6ae2de530[1] I am almost done with my short two months vacation at home which I spent happily with old friends from nursery and some gambling πŸ™‚ [read office assignment]. This short vacation was after the 2 years long vacation at SCIT. SCIT was one of the best phase of my life which made me realize my strengths and weaknesses. I met a lot of people and had a lot of fun and made some awesome friends for life. Thanks to Harkat Ul Funky.

I could never had made it without the support from you all, I am grateful to all whom I met anywhere and everywhere. Starting tomorrow I start a new spell of life with FirstSource Solutions which I am sure would get me more awesome friends and more experience with one helluva life.

Moving ahead one step at a time taking life along as it comes…..

Thanks a lot to all of you. Love ya all πŸ™‚

My interns @ Jobeehive.com

I always had wanted to have a .com as my own and fortunately I have one .com and one .in but these are domains and to understand how these domain names turn into companies was wish that I had since long. My summer interns at www.jobeehive.com would give me a hands on experience at funtioning of a virtual organization. The best part of my summers is that I would get to do what I always had wanted and above all I get to work from home πŸ™‚


JobeeHive.com is a unique platform that enables professionals and students to research employers and salaries across industry sectors and locations.

JobeeHive enables users to rate/review companies (they have worked for), research on salaries or a prospective employer as well as get more info about a company – be it job offers, layoffs, announcements, business opportunities, etc. The site provides rare salary information that helps professionals understand salaries, benefits and pay hikes in different companies across job grades and locations. And in the backdrop, JobeeHive is a platform to build a career network and interact with diverse industry professionals to tap their knowledge/ contacts.

JobeeHive incorporates all these utilities and more so that you have a blend of opinions and facts to help you choose your next move in your career or business with an enhanced sense of confidence.

JobeeHive.com BETA version was launched in September 2008 and today it is one of the biggest employer reviews sites in the world with 20,000+ reviews. JobeeHive.com was among the Top 30 innovative startups selected for HeadStart 2009 and was named in Top 10 Indian Technology Startups in February 2009 featured in DARE Magazine.