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T. T. T. Track Twitter Trends

Twitter is HUGE and yes it really is. With more than 600 tweets per second it becomes very difficult to find the information of your taste. To overcome this limitation the Twitter community came up with a novel idea of #hashtags. If you are unaware of #hashtags we have it explained over here.

These #hashtags also gave birth to the trends on Twitter. The number of times the hashtag is repeated in tweets represents its trend. #Hashtags.org shows the latest trends on twitter and also allows you to search for a word and see its trend graph on Twitter.

To know what a #hashtag is about or two define your own for the public you can visit WTHashtag.com. This site is built upon wiki technology, making it easy for visitors to create their own definition entries for certain hashtags.

Here’s one I created: #Mtaram – we use this hashtag when we are sharing news about something cool, new or innovative happening on our Blog.

There are various websites and tools that you can use to track trends on Twitter.

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Track trends on particular topics or people. The display is in graph form and can be useful in mining data for particular projects. If someone is talking about a topic you have great knowledge of the subject then it might just provide you an in to make an introduction.

Twidentify Twitter Search

This is a search engine that allows you to conduct searches on Twitter influence, related conversations, and Twitter trends. You can search for more than one term at once by separating them with commas. You’re then presented with a graph for the week showing you how each search term compares to the other. You can also hide search terms from your graph if you change your mind.


Here you can “browse the Twittosphere”. The most popular discussed topics within the past 24 hours are displayed underneath the search bar. Results are displayed in a Twitter-like fashion. You can see your search term in status updates only, retweets only, links only or questions. If you want to see them all at once, you can do that on the “all” tab. For each tweet displayed, you can reply to it or retweet it. The timeline is also updated in real-time so no need to refresh the page.


This is another Twitter trend timeline updated in real-time. If the timeline moves too fast for you or you don’t like the color, you can change the settings to suite your preferences.

And Last but not the least is What the Trend?

This site doesn’t just show you what is trending on Twitter, it gives you an explanation as to why it’s trending — interesting concept. When you click on a hashtag it shows you the latest tweets, news and photos relating to that tag. You can go down the list or use the search bar to find a specific trend.

Try all these cool tools and let us know of your response. And if you happen to know any cool tool that we have missed please mention it in the comments.