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Torrents blocked? No more!

Recently all the major torrent download sites have been blocked. This started off with Reliance blocking the torrents and now it seems all the major ISP have blocked the torrents sites. Apart from torrent sites major video sharing sites have been blocked citing piracy as the major reason, I guess these people forgot the way Kolaveri Di raised to international fame in a couple of days.


However where there is a blockade there is a way. First of all lets understand how torrents work.

There is this small torrent file that contains the information about the main file(s) and who all have that file on the internet. The ISPs have blocked the access to the sites that host these torrents not the actual content.

The actual content is still stored on computers of users like us, so once we get hold of the torrent file there is no stopping us.

Following is a sure shot method of accessing the torrent download websites to download torrent, and once you have the torrent file then there is no stopping the download as it runs on the P2P network and the ISP have no control over it.


Download ultrasurf from the above link.

Unzip the files.

Run u.exe.

It will show up as a small yellow lock on the right bottom corner and show up a pop up as shown in the picture.

image image

Once the connectivity is established and there is a green light you are ready to go.

This program launches Internet explorer by default with the proxy settings used by the program.

I recommend using the same IE window and head over to your favorite torrent site.

Download the torrent file.

Fire up the torrent client of your choice and do the rest.

The torrents would be downloading fine. Remember the ISP blocked access to the torrent file not the actual content.

Do let us know of any other ways that you are using.