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Leadership: Roll Up Your Sleeves

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One of Mr. Ratan N Tata’s first assignments was the stewardship of the ailing electronics company in the Tata portfolio – Nelco.

Story goes that a team of senior managers from Nelco was driving to Nasik along with RNT. Halfway into the journey, the car had a flat tyre,  and as the driver pulled up, the occupants – including Mr. Tata – got off for a comfort break, leaving the driver to replace the tyre.

Some of the managers welcomed the forced break, as it allowed them a  much-needed chance to light up a cigarette. Some used the opportunity to stretch, and smile, and share a joke. And then, one of them suddenly noticed that Mr. Tata was not to be seen, and wondered aloud where Ratan Tata might have vanished. Was he behind some bush? Had he wandered off inside the roadside dhaba for a quick cup of tea?Or was he mingling with some passer-bys, listening to their stories?

None of these, in fact while his colleagues were taking a break, Ratan Tata was busy helping the driver change tyres. Sleeves rolled up, tie swatted away over the shoulder, the hands expertly working the jack and the spanner, bouncing the spare tyre to check if the tyre pressure was ok. Droplets of sweat on the brow, and a smile on the face.

In that moment, the managers accompanying Ratan Tata got a master class in leadership they haven’t forgotten. And that’s a moment that the driver of that car probably hasn’t forgotten either.

Questions to ask:

  1. When was the last time I rolled up my sleeves to do a task much below my hierarchy?·
  2. Do I wait for the big opportunity to showcase my leadership?
  3. Is that big opportunity ever going to come?
  4. Am I trying to manage upwards so much that I’ve lost the feel of the field?
  5. Ideas for action:
  6. Humility is the essence of success.  Be humble and even teach your children to be so.
  7. To reach the top and remain there, always start from the bottom, else your days at the top will  not last long..
  8. Practice leadership in small things instead of waiting for the big crisis or a major product launch.
  9. Seek to find opportunities to lead in everyday moments.
  10. Build your leadership skills one baby step at a time.
  11. When ones hands get dirty – The mind remains clean !!!

Reliance Broadband+ vs Tata Photon+

I recently bought Reliance Broadband+ connection for wireless internet as there were a lot of issue with the wired one due to the construction going around and the digging of roads involved. I enquired about both Tata and Reliance and had to buy Reliance as Tata was some how not feeling right.

Reliance has a lot many flexible plans and that tempted me to go for reliance.

Photon+ available in 73 cities (works all over the country with limited speeds)

Broadband+ available in 56 cities (works all over the country with limited speeds)

http://www.bloggerspoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Tata-Photon-Relaince-netconnect-Broadband+.JPGimage    Vs     http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_SlRfLvjk-wk/S5jZ13_xAiI/AAAAAAAAAbs/JPUSF5v74gY/s400/Tata_Photon_Plus.jpg

Cost comparison chart

Data Bandwidth Reliance Broadband+ Tata Photon+
Modem 2299 2499
0.5 GB 499 500
1 GB 650 650
2 GB 750 750
3 GB 850 850
5 GB 899 950
10 Gb *1050 1100
15 GB *1550 1500
10 GB night 499 Not Applicable
1 GB day/ 10 GB night 849
2 GB day/ 10 GB night 949 Not Applicable
3 GB day/ 10 GB night *849 Not Applicable
5 GB day/ 10 GB night *1098 Not Applicable
10 GB day/ 10 GB Night *1249 Not Applicable
10 GB city# *899 Not Applicable
10 GB day/ 10 GB Night city# *1098 Not Applicable
* =200 discount for a year from the date of purchase of connection. All costs in INR #city plans do not allow roaming

My Plan is the 3GB day/10GB night one.

Speed that I get are upto 350 KBPS at times but most of the time the connection is at 1.6 mbps ie arounf 150 to 200 KBPS which is decent enough.

While idle there is bare minimum usage of a couple of KB per second and it also goes to 0.00 KBPS when all connections are idle.

netconnect window

At times the device is not identified but just reinstalling the application once more does the trick and barely takes a minute. May be this is just with me.

One doubtful thing over here is that Reliance has no way of tracking the sessions as in they wont be able to show you how much data was downloaded/uploaded in day and night slots separately.

This might confuse the customers and the there will be billing issues. I was told by the contact centre executive that they are working on it so lets see how soon they can do it considering that its not that big a task. BSNL has been doing such session based tracking since the beginning.

One more thing that pushed me towards Reliance was  low modem cost and the discount of INR 200 on the plans that are above  INR 1000.

I have been using Reliance in various cities and the past experience had been good so I again went with the tried and tested one instead of experimenting.

If any one has any experience with Photon+ please share with us.