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Airtel vs Aircel for iPhone 4

Airtel and Aircel, both have launched the much awaited iPhone 4 in India after 11 months of its launch in the US.

The phone is priced at 34500 INR for 16 GB and 40900 INR for 32 GB model by both the service providers.

What matters here is the rentals and the other charges that would come along with your iPhone 4 for a period of two year contract.

Both the service providers are trying to lure the customer by giving the rental discounts and showing up savings of upto INR 41040 in the 2 year contract period.

Here are snapshots for two very close plans from Airtel and Aircel, just for comparision. ( There are other plans too )

In the INR 1200 plan Airtel gives a discount of 600 and 800 MB of data at 3G along with 1050 local minutes and 1250 sms. This will be good for a caller whose major calls are local. The STD user will definitely suffer as the local minutes will be of no use. 800 MB of 3G data is good but the user will never know when the 800 MB got over and would be charged heavily for more data that point onwards.


Aircel has almost the same plan at INR 1119, with a monthly discount of INR 720 with 1250 free local minutes and 500 sms plus 350 MB of 3G data.

The data is less compared to Airtel and also the sms that the user gets per month is less then half of what Airtel is offering.

At this point Airtel definitely looks like a better deal, but the table turner can be the *conditions apply which will be different for both service providers.

Details about all other plans can be found here :- Airtel , Aircel