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Considering the number students in our campus and the taking into account that each student has to have a laptop with him/her we arrive at a conclusion that we use a lot of power to power up our laptops and what would be better than knowing how one can prolongs one’s laptop’s battery life which tend to die after every year.

These following practices would not only provide longer running time on battery but will also be lowering the power wastage as we all know that the laptops of today are power hogs and most of the time that they are running the resources are under utilized.

BLACK is ever green*

Well black in reality is not a color. It actually is the absence of all colors and it is the only color on the desktop that requires the minimum amount of power to run. So go black. Get the black themes. Turn your desktops to black.

*applicable only to CRTs not LCDS [thanks to anon]

Use only what is needed

Most of the laptops today have far more crunching power than required for normal college related work [leave gaming]. So its recommended to use applications such as Rightmark CPU Clock Utility to run the computer at lower clock speeds to save power and prolong the battery run out time.

Don’t Sleep, Hibernate

When we put our computer to sleep it still uses some power to maintain the data in the ram. But Hibernate mode completely turns it off so its better to Hibernate the laptops if you are leaving it for a period of more than a few minutes.


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