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Increase in attacks on Social Networking Sites

http://images.defensetech.org/archives/hack.JPGAccording to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, volume 10, there is a steady increase in social engineering attacks in 2010. The data was pulled from Microsoft’s customer base as well as partners and Internet Service providers.

Most of the attempts or attacks are made to churn out the name and password of social networking sites which might be used for other financial sites. As per Microsoft the trend of phishing attacks is shifting from financial sites to social networking sites and gaming sites.

Rogue Security Software

Rogue security software or scareware is designed like legitimate software which when installed on a victim’s machine, generates erroneous alerts and tricks the users to buy more softwares or services.

As per a report on rogue security software by Symantec, it said it received reports of 43 million installation attempts. It is told that it is computer security awareness training programs are the best way to defend against these malicious activities. A few web filtering technologies provided by various vendors also help.

Source: TechTarget

Facebook at work


Whenever I check Facebook in the noon all is see is that most of my requests have been accepted in a time frame of last 3 to 4 hours. Most of the comments are made on my updates in the same time frame and most status updates too are made at the same time. It seems like people come to work, start their workstations, fire up their browsers and … tada… www.facebook.com …. and the work begins…

There is also a lot of activity at the end of the day in evening but not as much as in the morning. The reason I think is “The day starts at the same time for all but ends at different hours for each of us”, isn’t it?

Facebook at Work = Lost Productivity?

According to the Nucleus Research survey, employers are losing 1.5 workers per 100 in employee productivity to the supposed time-wasting activity known as "Facebooking." To reach that number, the company surveyed a random sampling of 237 office workers.

A Second Opinion

Nucleus Research isn’t seeing the bigger picture here, so we’d like to counter their research with some findings from the University of Melbourne. U of M professor Dr. Brent Coker also surveyed a small sample of office workers (300 to be exact) and came to a rather different conclusion.

Read the full discussion on Readwriteweb and also let us know about your thoughts 🙂