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TOP Twitter ranking Sites: Whats your rank?.



Ranking  or percentile and the confidence is truely opposite. Lol . The percentile means that my account is “better” than a certain percent of of other Twitter users… but, not to worry, the algorithm has only very low confidence in the score.    Seems pointless to use it.



Even after clicking the “Crawl My Stats!” button, nothing is updated. They seem to base the rankings solely upon the number of followers you have, which can be a factor if you’re up there, or can really not make a difference if none of your followers are active – or, uh, human.



Apparently my “Twitin” score on BuzzOm is amazing. Under the FAQ section, they describe the score as “a measure of your social activity in Twitter. These are calculated using simple behavioral model of the user. This has been tested among 2 lakhs users.” Huh? What is a “lakh user”? (This seems to be from an overuse of Google Translate, perhaps.) Thankfully it’s gone into more detail in the next question, and says it takes in consideration a user’s retweet, tweet efficiency, and influence scores.



Tweefight is actually kinda fun, and doesn’t give an official ’score’. Tweefight compares you to another Twitter user and you go head to head to “fight” it out.


What is it basing the fight results on? “Tweerank,” which claims to be made up of any factor you can think of (i.e. a user’s involvement, followers, updates, etc). Who cares? It’s still fun.



Not much explanation, but considering they first display my amount of followers, how many folks I’m following, and how many total updates I have, these are likely the deciding factors. This gets me to thinking, what if a company, that knows nothing of social media, looks to hire an ‘expert’ and uses their Twitter account ranking as a deciding tool? Well, that means so many of these wannabe “social media experts” will be getting jobs, without knowing how to get the results for clients. Would that make them con artists, spammers, or just ignorant?


Twitter Score

On Twitter Score, there are two different ranks/scores listed. No explanation provided for either number, but there is a nifty little graph of followers/friends available. Useful? Not without a shown method to how it calculates scores.



They calculate followers, plus second-degree followers, to come up with your ‘reach’. So apparently if  my ‘reach’ is to 100% of the Twitterverse, which means that if I Tweet something with great impact, that Tweet could potentially be seen by all Twitter users. They also somehow calculate the constant growth and the individual influence of your followers, so that apparently works into the score – though it doesn’t say which.



Let me stop laughing first at a few of my friends that are “nuclear” to follow. Okay. It is seemingly useless, but so much fun. FollowCost lets you know how annoying it will be to follow any given Twitter user, based upon the average amount of Tweets they make per day.


If they update too much, the screen shakes (well, the browser screen) with a graphic that says “Nuclear Follow Cost,” meaning don’t follow this person unless you’re obsessed with them.



Here we get to see the scores of our fellow Tweeple based upon how many mentions they’ve gotten from other Twitter users. This is the essence of the popularity contest.  Retweetrank shows how much you’re being retweeted and publicly messaged, plus what percentile you’re in amongst other Twitterers


Twitter Grader ( One of the Best)

I use it personally . The ranking is based upon the total number of followers along with the ratio of your following. Also checks  how many have subscribed to your updates,  amount and pace of updates, and how engaged you are in tweeting.

Amazing feature is it can take you to elite function wherein , Twitter Grader ranks you based upon your location.