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Angry Birds bonus level for Galaxy S2

The much-hyped Galaxy S II, which was launched in India about a month ago, is now widely available in the country and is proving to be as popular as it was predicted. Nevertheless, Samsung seems ever so eager to improve on what has been one of the best smartphones made by the company till date. The company is undertaking various media and commercial stunts to popularize the handset in the market. It is gearing up for a space launch of the handset on July 15, therefore it is for sure that Samsung is trying out every method in the book to grab attention. That could be, because one of the major markets for smartphones, North America is still awaiting the launch of the handset. Now, maker of Angry Birds, Rovio is offering an exclusive level for the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S II handsets around the world.

Galaxy S II Owners Get An Exclusive Angry Birds Pignic Level

This level can be accessed with the Angry Birds Pignic update, and will be hidden in the form of a golden egg in the game. When the golden egg is accessed by the user, they will be taken to a different location miles above in space, which is a changed and a never before seen environment. The kamikaze birds will then fight against the pigs in zero gravity. Rovio has uploaded a video demonstrating how to access the level and do a lot more.