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Why would I buy an Apple


Sitting the kitchen of my parents home I was thinking about what to post about and then I drifted towards Apple. Apple that comes in fantabulous designs with state of the art software.

So why would I buy an apple product?

First of all they are awesome in design, got cool looks and have the chick factor.

They sure do attract the audience and make you feel at par with the similarly qualified person.

The apple products have a good flaunt value which I couldn’t have even with an xps m1210 3 years back.

The quality of software in the Apple products is at par with most of the software. They are so intuitive and easy to use. ITs so great that I had to hack my xps to install Leopard on it to run all the Mac software i wanted to.

The battery life of Apple notebooks is way more than the normal notebooks. They run for more than 6 hours at a stretch.

The first and the only phone, the iphone by apple set new industry standards and moved the focus from the voice to data and value added services. And the way it does is so seamless that nothing seems out of the way.

I guess that would be all from me but I would love to hear more from you all. Coming soon a post on reasons why I wont buy an Apple product.