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Barcamp Pune 7 rocked m/


Barcamp Pune 7 was on 13 of march ‘10 at I2IT in Hinjewadi Pune. I got the opportunity to volunteer as an organizer. This was the third time I volunteered for such an event, first two being the Idea Camp Pune 2 and Barcamp Pune 6.

It was an awesome experience for me organizing such an event with Saumil and Gaurav and other fellow students. The sessions were very good and the most prominent ones were :-

1. Streaming Databases by Anup Tapadia – Anup talked about how a large database can be stored in form of time slices and then transformed into a smaller slice and stored. A kind of efficient database purge. We also had demo videos of his revolutionary products which are used in gaming and public interactive displays. I also got a chance to talk to him in person. The session was very enlightening for me.

2. Pune Twestival by Gaurav Saha: Pune is having twestival on 25 of march and as Gaurav and we have exams in that week so all those who want to volunteer for the event can catch-up with Gaurav on twitter.

3. Personal Branding by Sahil Khan: Sahil Khan an entrepreneur of just 21 years of age talked about how to be shameless in branding yourself. Quite interesting session.

4. Telescope making by Yashodhan of I2IT: Yashodhan shared with us his experiences of his work in progress about a telescope

5. Graphical Passwords by Sai Kiran of I2IT: Kiran talked about a concept where images and graphics can be used as passwords for enhanced security. He would be coming up with a proof of concept soon.

6. We also had a movie by the Film group of I2IT

7. Live CD issues by Kinjal Ramiya: Kinjal of Symbiosis IT talked about various security issues while one uses a live cd to do online transaction.

8. At last we had a session on entrepreneurship by a faculty member of I2IT. Ms Urvashi talked about why the research and development in India is so low and slow. I too had an good interactive session with her

Apart from all this I also got to meet Anant. An awesome personality who shares same interests as me. I am sure that we two would be doing some thing together pretty soon.

Opensocial Developer Garage’08, Pune

Venue: ThoughtWorks Saturday, 20th December
Tower C, Panchshil Tech Park
Yerwada Pune – 411006
A group of OpenSocial enthusiasts from pune have come together to bring this event. The event is aimed to unite all the OpenSocial Application Developers from all over the country and just share/code/have fun and maybe inspire a few wannabee.

We are sure this will be a great help towards awareness of OpenSocial and building a strong OpenSocial developers community. As this is a event arranged by some enthusiast developers like us and not by any organization this will be event completely oriented towards OpenSocial and no marketing for any company or jobs.
Who should attend?
Anyone who developed any application based on OpenSocial platform or anyone who want to learn how to create OpenSocial Applications. Generally you will have to pay around Rs.5000 to attend such conference but this event is completely Free for you. Thanks to our speakers and sponsors.
Can I attend this event?
Yes. Please use Register link to register yourself. This is a closed and invitation only event. Only 200-250 applicants will get chance to participate. Selection will be done based on answers provided by you at registration form. We are looking towards having 80% OpenSocial developers and 20% developers who want to learn OpenSocial. Selected developers will get attende code before 15th Dec 08.