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Facebook privacy controls

Facebook allows you to share almost anything and everything with your friends. But what if some day you get a friend request from your Boss, you cant say Ignore and you also don’t want to accept. Here comes the role of Facebook privacy controls. You can customize them such that you can have things hidden from who ever you want on an individual or group basis.

Controls can be set for individuals but it is better if all the Facebook friends are grouped into various lists as Facebook prefers to call them.

Following is a step by step walkthrough to do it.

Login to Facebook.


Click the Friends tab on the left column as shown above. This would take you to the all friends list.


Click manage Friends List on the top right corner. This would lead to all the lists that you have made of friends, colleagues etc. as shown below.


If needed you can also create a new list by clicking the button create list which is on top right (cropped out in the above depiction)

Once you have your lists in place head over to account management.


Go to Account >> Privacy Settings.

This would take you to a page which shows the summary of current privacy controls in place.

Here you can configure what you want to show to who. Following will be just an example and you can customize everything in the same manner as shown.


Click Customize to go to the individual controls page.


Here you can Customize privacy controls for Things shared by you and others and contact related details. The following examples shows it only for posts. Rest can be done in same way.


Click on the tab to open the drop down and click edit to customize. This brings up the following popup.


Here you can select the setting from the drop down for who to show and to hide the updates just type in the friends name or the list name in the below “Hide this from” section.

Save settings and you are done.

This same can be done of all kind of updates.

Do let us know if this was of any help to you. 🙂