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Google Takes Office Space Battle To Microsoft

http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/epicenter/2011/05/samsung-td-640x485-300x227.pngGoogle lifted the veil on its chrome laptop Wednesday and also launched a somewhat Quixotic initiative to dent Microsoft’s dominance in the enterprise with a program that provides software, laptops and support for $28 per month per user.

As Apple continues to make modest advances in the office now Google wants a piece of the action and is offering up an IT-displacing idea that seeks to emphasize peace of mind as much as it does price.

The idea is simple. Businesses spend a lot of money on IT support, hardware and software — the core of which is commodity computers running a flavor of Windows OS and Microsoft Office. They hold on to computers as long as they can both for reasons of cost and to simplify support, which generally is provided locally through the IT department.

Google’s alternative provides small, standardized laptops from Samsung and Acer running its Chrome OS, which debuted in December. The new Chromebooks, as Google dubbed them, are fully web-based — both programs and storage is “in the cloud.” Users have access to use a wide range of productivity software, like Google Docs, Salesforce CRM and photo editing software, with no installation or and upgrades automatically performed in the background. Google provides all support, including repair and replacements.

Google has made less ambitious plays for the enterprise before. It’s first attempt the paid version of Google Docs, has had some success with smaller businesses, but hasn’t turned into a significant revenue source for Google. And, given its Nexus One past, Google it isn’t exactly known for its customer service.

But diversification is seen as key for the search giant, since its core advertising products are still responsible for more than 90 percent of its revenue. So we see a push into the mobile space with Android — a direct blow at Apple’s smartphone and tablet business — and a challenge to Microsoft in its workplace wheelhouse.

Microsoft issues Word patch

Microsoft issued a patch for its Word software to comply with a court ruling that it infringed on patents relating to the use of XML or extensible markup language in its flagship word processing software.


The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit had ordered Microsoft to stop selling Word programmes containing the infringing code from Jan 11, 2010. It also upheld jury-imposed damages of $290 million.

The ruling came in an appeal by Microsoft against a Texas jury verdict last August that found Microsoft had violated patents owned by Canadian software company i4i Inc.

“A small company was practicing its patent, only to suffer a loss of market share, brand recognition and customer goodwill as the result of the defendant’s infringing acts,” the three-judge panel said in court documents.

“The district court found that Microsoft captured 80 percent of the custom XML market with its infringing Word products, forcing i4i to change its business strategy.”

The patch was made available to computer makers to install on new machines preloaded with the Word software and strips Word and other Office programs of custom XML editing capabilities which is used by companies to link their data to Word documents.

Microsoft Office, which includes Word, PowerPoint, and Excel is used by millions of businesses and consumers and accounted for more than $3 billion in worldwide sales in Microsoft’s most recent fiscal year.

Funny interpretations of Boss oneliners!!!

1. When your boss says – “You have screwed up this module”

Smile – it means “the other modules were good”

2. When your boss says – “I am not going to let you go early today evening”

Smile – It means “you can come late tomorrow”

3. When your boss says – “Do the documentation”

Smile – it means “Relax dude, you’ve done enough of coding, time to give your brains a break”

4. When your boss says – “You do nothing but just surf the internet”

Smile – it means “Dude, now I know where all that knowledge comes from”

5. When your boss says – “Do you come to office to sleep?”

Smile – It means “hey buddy, why do you stress yourself? Have a good night’s sleep and come to office whenever you wish!”

6 . When your boss says – “Stop staring at that girl you moron”

Smile – it means “My wife is better than her ”

7. When your boss says – “Why does nothing work on your machine?”

Smile – it means “I am thinking I could rather give you my laptop”

8. When your boss says – “Would you stop talking on your mobile phone?”

Smile – it means “Use the office phone instead”

9. When your boss says – “Why do you keep smiling always?”

Smile – it means “I love the fact that You are spreading the good will”

10. When your boss says – “YOU ARE FIRED”