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Application wise Network Bandwidth monitoring

There are times when you seriously need to monitor your computer activities. The most important thing to monitor among these is the network connections and the bandwidth they are using if you are not on an unlimited connection and billed heftily for extra usage.

I searched for some and found out the Windows 7s resource monitor does this by default. No need to look beyond.

bw mon 

As you can see in the picture that the network tab shows us the details of all the applications that are using the network resources. Its helpful in so many ways. It helps me monitor which application is using un necessary bandwidth and can be closed. At times you would not like to go your bandwidth to waste for unwanted application specially when you are using a pay per MB plan for the internet access.

Apart from Applications the Resource Monitor can show what all connection an application has made and how much its uploading / downloading.

Apart from this the application also shows the number of TCP connections made by all the applications using the resources of the network.

bw mon3

It also shows the listening port details just in case you are curious to know about them 🙂