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Microsoft’s Antitrust Saga Finally Comes To An End

http://seerpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/patent-infringement.jpgMicrosoft’s historic and prolonged dispute with U.S. regulators over antitrust violations has finally come to an end. And how things have changed.

May 12 marks the expiration of a consent decree the software giant signed with the Department of Justice in 2002, an agreement that narrowly saved Microsoft from being broken up after it was found guilty of using its dominant position to stifle competition.

On the anniversary of the agreement, the Department of Justice cheered its victory, while Microsoft adopted a more repentant tone. The company said of the thirteen years it spent under the scrutiny of antitrust regulators, “Our experience has changed us and shaped how we view our responsibility to the industry.”

The Department of Justice celebrated the Microsoft antitrust case as a vital ruling that fostered competition in the tech industry and said it had paved the way for new products, including “computing services and mobile devices.”

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