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Gmail: mark all unread mail as read

Are you tired of havinf numerous emails in your Gmail box and want to get rid of all the unread mail?

I faced a similas situation and wanted to get rid of that bugging number which reminded me that how lazy I was or from how may useless places the emails came to me. So I decided to get rid of it and Googled how to do it. Got a post at Lifehacker that tells how to do it.


I have added the screenshots too to the instructions at Lifehacker to make it easier for the not so savvy ones.

Go to your Settings/Filters page and create a new filter.

In the Has the words field enter “is:unread” (without quotes), and click the Next Step button.


You’ll get a message warning you that this type of filter won’t be applied to new mail, but that’s OK.  Click OK to continue.

Check the boxes next to Mark as read and Also apply filter to … conversations below.
Click Create Filter button, and you’re done.