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Beam Music, Movies, Photos from iPad to Mac With AirServer


AirServer is a Mac app that turns your computer into a receiver for AirPlay. We have seen this kind of thing before, in the shape of Banana TV, but AirServer works better, and adds in some functionality not found in Banana TV.

AirPlay is what lets you throw content from an iPad or iPhone wirelessly to speakers or your TV. To do this, you need to have an AirPort Express next to your speakers, or an Apple TV hooked up to your TV. Bluetooth speakers show up in the list, too. What you can’t do is beam movies from your iOS device direct to your big-screen iMac.

AirServer is a $3 app that adds in this last piece of the puzzle. With it running on your Mac, a new entry will show up in the AirPlay popover of any iOS device on the same network, as you’d expect.

Music just appears magically from your Mac’s speakers, or whatever speakers are hooked up to it. Movies open after a second in the Quicktime player, and it’s on-screen controls let you play, pause, scrub and change volume on the Mac itself.

Both of these (usually) work just fine in Banana TV (although that app can also use its own video viewer). The difference is with photos. With AirServer, you can not only view individual photos, but you can also run a slideshow. Pick your album in the Photos app, choose slideshow and a popover will pop, erm, over to let you choose a destination. You need to select a photo in that album to see the popover, and the promised transition is replaced by one photo simply appearing to replace another, but it works.

via Wired

Why would I buy an Apple


Sitting the kitchen of my parents home I was thinking about what to post about and then I drifted towards Apple. Apple that comes in fantabulous designs with state of the art software.

So why would I buy an apple product?

First of all they are awesome in design, got cool looks and have the chick factor.

They sure do attract the audience and make you feel at par with the similarly qualified person.

The apple products have a good flaunt value which I couldn’t have even with an xps m1210 3 years back.

The quality of software in the Apple products is at par with most of the software. They are so intuitive and easy to use. ITs so great that I had to hack my xps to install Leopard on it to run all the Mac software i wanted to.

The battery life of Apple notebooks is way more than the normal notebooks. They run for more than 6 hours at a stretch.

The first and the only phone, the iphone by apple set new industry standards and moved the focus from the voice to data and value added services. And the way it does is so seamless that nothing seems out of the way.

I guess that would be all from me but I would love to hear more from you all. Coming soon a post on reasons why I wont buy an Apple product.

VLC to release free video editing package for MAC and PC

If you are looking for a decent and free video editing package for your PC or Mac, then you will be glad to hear that the team behind the best free media player out there right now is working on a video editing package. The developers behind the VLC Media Player are working on their video editing software at the moment, which should arrive early in 2010.

Free video editing The official announcement page describes VideoLAN Movie Creator (VLMC) as “a free video editing software, offering features to realize semi-professional quality movies, but with the aim to stays simple and user-friendly.” VLMC is being developed “with the support of the VideoLAN organization,” so it is not yet clear if the software is a direct product of the VLC team. The site promises a pre-release alpha for Windows, Mac, and Linux “very soon.”