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People Scratch, We Win

itch“People Scratch, we win”- ItchGuard

There is a lot of hullabaloo in the business orchard for “think different “ , “innovations”, “branding” and few more “buzz” words, in between this rush an anti-fungal cream creators showed “We really mean it…!” Raise your eyebrows for this statement or make a disgusted face but the truth lies in the facts below:

* Itchguard successfully created a new category of “Itch creams”
* The creators Paras Pharma had created products like Krack , Moov, Ringguard, D’Cold, Stopache and Moov Neck & Shoulder
* Lead Indian OTC Market with Market Capital – Over 400 Crore
* Focused on OTC Sector (Over-The-Counter)
* The advertisement campaign follows educating and creating the needs.
* There are few more “Me too” kind of brands jumps into this new river viz. B-Tex Super, Itch-Nil and ItchCare to grab some tiny shares.

The moral of story is big bucks are lying all around us, but only the men who have the sight can reap them. Make sure you are on 6/6 “vision” to see them.

Time to scratch your head…!!