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Galaxy S3 has better display than iPhone 5

The Galaxy S3’s display is just 1.1 millimeters thick and offers the full color gamut of the NTSC standard. In comparison, the iPhone 5’s display is 1.5 millimeters thick and offers 72 percent of the standard color gamut.

With consumers increasingly concerned with the minute details and specifications of their mobile devices, the results are a win for Samsung, and further illustrates the point that Apple no longer leads when it comes to adding the latest and greatest technology. That was already highlighted by the fact the iPhone 5’s two biggest new features — a bigger display and 4G LTE — have long been found in Android devices.

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image via iPhone informer

Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

Head-to-head ... the Samsung Galaxy SIII, left, and Apple's iPhone 5, right.

Even with a bigger screen, Apple’s iPhone 5 struggles to match Samsung’s Galaxy S III, at least on paper.

Apple’s new iPhone 5 is so incredibly thin and light that it even puts the waif-like Galaxy S III to shame. Even so, Apple lovers hoping to make up ground on Samsung’s 4.8-inch Android champion are likely to be underwhelmed by the iPhone 5’s extra screen real estate.

The iPhone 5’s larger, four-inch screen is only taller, not wider, than the iPhone 4 and 4S, so it doesn’t make what’s on the screen any larger (unless you turn it sideways, to watch a movie, for example). Its improved colours and whiter whites still look better than the slightly overblown colours on the Galaxy S III.

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Could this be the iPhone 5?


Leaked case designs have been a surprisingly good barometer for predicting the shapes of previous iPhones and iPods, and even the iPad 2. The thinking goes that iPhone cases are big business, and case-makers are willing to pay big bucks to get their hands on the details so they can have cases in stores on launch day.

Couple this with the fact that Apple is surely already building zillions of iPhone 5s to avoid any shortages at the expected September launch, and there must be some underpaid worker, somewhere, willing to sell the secrets.

So it is that MacRumors commissioned Italian designers Ciccarese to make a CG mock-up of the iPhone 5 based on already leaked case designs. Could this be the shape of the iPhone 5?

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