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Indian software movement – Please support

http://www.insomo.in/wp-content/themes/insomo/images/insomo-logo.gifIndian Software Movement or InSoMo as we have named it, is a movement to give India its rightful place in the software world. Indians have helped create numerous software products, since many years. But how many of us are aware of intenationally used software products, created by Indians? The answer is very few!

Now in this decade (2011-2020) we want to give India recognition, on the software global map! We want Indian companies to mark its place with the Microsofts and Oracles of the world. Our apps, our databases and our products should be used as much worldwide. We want equal ratings and rankings for our superior quality software products as much as the internationally known brands.

If you want to know more or be part of this initiative

please visit www.indiansoftwaremovement.com