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From #meawmonday to #sinnersunday – Importance of Each days for Twitter lovers..


When I joined twitter i was Petrified about HASH # about FF about followfriday shoutouts and etc. I wondered what is the whole story about.

Now I am officaly 4 months old on Twitter, though my Account was Bot from last 1 year. 😛

When we tweet anything we can put a HASH  (#) to the front of a word and encourage others to add it to their tweets about the same topic. That is the whole secret of Tweet with a Hash before important words that are the possible searches from other tweeples.

Lets go ahead with the importance of Each days for Twitter lovers..

1. #meowmonday – If you’re an animal lover or have any kind of pet or cat-related Twitter account, this is the one for you.

2. #musicmonday – Quite possibly one of the most fun Twitter meme days. Tell people what you’re listening to, or hook Twitter into your last.fm or blip.fm. The meme also has its own Twitter account,@musicmonday.

3. #followmonday – Created by @warmyellowlight, #followmonday is just like #followfriday, but why wait all week for Friday to come around?

4. #mutantmonday – “To promote those who are doing some gnarly things in the world.”

5. #monkeymonday – A way to enjoy your Monday by posting pictures, videos, jokes and stories about monkeys. Users also promote their funniest Twitter Friends.

6. #followtuesday#twittertuesday – #followfriday for Tuesdays.

7. #nopantstuesday – Appears to have originated from the eighth annual no pants subway ride, a prank where New Yorkers and some in other cities ride the subway without pants.

8. #wonderfulwednesday – Best wishes for the middle of the week.

9. #woofwednesday – If there’s a meowmonday, might as well get all your dog loving Twitter friends in on the action.

10. #followwednesday – #followfriday for Wednesdays.

11. #healthyhumpday – Created by @goodhealth, #healthyhumpday is like #followfriday for health-related Twitter accounts and links.

12. #wisdomwed – Recently created by Mashable Associate Editor @BenParr, #wisdomwed “helps spread knowledge across Twitter by sharing a piece of useful advice with followers on Wednesdays.”

13. #winewednesday – Twitterers discuss their favorite wines, ask questions, and provide advice.

NEW ADDITION: #Women2Follow – Every Wednesday, recommend women to follow on Twitter. Started byWomenWhoTech.

14. #rtthursday – Thank your retweeters in style.

15. #followthursday – #followfriday for Thursdays (but oh so close).

16. #thankfulthursday – Tell others what you’re thankful for.

17. #shabbatshalom – Created by @JewishTweets, #shabbatshalom is for the Jewish tweeps out there, offline until Saturday night.

18. #leadfriday – Tired of following? How about being a leader?

19. #goodnewsfriday – Good news comes on Friday.

Bonus: #followfriday – Created by @Micah, #followfriday is the original Twitter daily meme. You can read more about #followfriday here.

20. #sexysaturday – Self-explanatory.

21. #caturday – Cat + saturday = caturday.  Sort of like #MeowMonday.

22. #wkendthx – Created by @MichDdot, #wkendthx is a follow up to #followfriday, or if you missed thanking your tweeps on Friday.

23. #sinnersunday aka #sinday – typically cataloging people’s excursions instead of going to church.

24. #samesexsunday – Recommend people in the LGBT community to follow.

Twitter hashtags 101

Limitation is the mother of innovations and twitter hashtags is a wonderful example of it.  Twitter is one of the fastest growing website with more than 600 tweets per second. And it was becoming too difficult for the tweeple to keep track of the topics of interests with more and more tweeple following each other. And hence the #tag was born.

Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets. They’re like tags on Flickr, only added inline to your post ~ via Search Engine Journal

Twitter provided no easy way to group tweets or add extra data so the Twitter community came up with their own way: hashtags.  A hashtag is similar to other web tags- it helps add tweets to a category. A hash tag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic.

Hashtags have the # symbol before the keyword.

For example # + Google = #Google is a hashtag.

It’s not case sensitive so #google and #Google is one and the same thing.

#tag image
This snapshot from siesmic shows a tweet with #USB #futuregadgets and #gadgets . This signifies that the tweet emphasizes on usb, featuredgadgets and gadgets and has information about some usb gadget that has been featured on the article that can be found on that particular shortlink.

How does it work?

The words that are preceded by # are treated special by Twitter. They become the keywords and kind of help the users track the tweets and trends in a better manner.  #tag has more weight than a normal word without a # when searched for.

Suppose we are searching for tweets related to newly launched Buzz by Google. We just need to look for the #Buzz or #Google and this would list the tweets that contain any of these two #tags in them.

Suppose we want to start our own trend then we need to just decide on a keyword. And before just going ahead with adding a # to it and start tweeting we just need to check whether the #tag already exists. If it doesn’t we can use it and then tweet and tell our friends about out #tag and start a trend of our own.

The larger the number of tweets containing a particular #tag more popular it gets and hence has a higher trend. To check what are the trending topics [#tags] check out #hashtag.