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Tribute to my Nani Ma


The bond that a person develops with his mother can never be severed. You grew as a tiny soul inside her for nine months. She carried you and sustained you, sharing her sustenance with you through your umbrilical cord. When you are born the cord is severed. It is never severed in her heart. That bond lasts forever.
As we grow up we become our own people and may come to forget that woman who nurtured and loved us. Now that she is no more with us , we will always remember her for her teachings , her smile, her small small ways to take care of everyone, her good wishes and everything.
We will look for her in people we meet, we will look for her voice and for her words and many times will look beyond human understanding and belives.
She was an angel for most of us, gave us values and self awareness. She has guided us through life with her wisdom, her God’s light.She steers us from wrong and leads us toward right way . She laughed with us in happy times and comforted our tears in bad one’s.
She does not need not a halo, or any silken wings honestly , even when her body was taken away , to be burned, I could see , the glory of God’s blessing on her , her face scintillating in a mesmerizing manner. Blissful and pulverizing experience.
My angel, can be replaced by anyone else.
She will always live in our hearts and our minds. We will always embrace her in our thoughts. We will never forget you and never stop loving you. All of us will Miss u ! Always…

May her soul rest in peace.