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Apple beats Google

In a recent brand survey by Millward Brown, Apple has taken the top spot from Google as the world’s most valuable brand. The survey revealed the Apple brand to be worth a staggering $153 billion; which was a huge increase on last year’s figures. This resulted in Apple coming out on top and ended Google’s four year reign at the top.

Peter Walshe, global brands director of Millward Brown, says Apple’s meticulous attention to detail, along with an increasing presence of its gadgets in corporate environments, have allowed it to behave differently from other consumer-electronics makers. ”Apple is breaking the rules in terms of its pricing model,” he told Reuters by telephone. “It’s doing what luxury brands do, where the higher price the brand is, the more it seems to underpin and reinforce the desire.”

Out of the top ten brands revealed in the survey, six were technology and telecoms companies. Google at number two, IBM at number three, Microsoft at number five, AT&T made number seven and China Mobile number nine.

The survey takes the value that the company puts on its own brand in its earnings report as a starting point. This is then combined with the perceptions of over 2 million consumers in the market who are surveyed over a 12 month period. A factor is then applied based on the company’s short-term future growth prospects.

[Millward Brown via Reuters]

Google Music Beta – ready to launch

http://www.maximumpc.com/files/imagecache/featured_content/google_music_0.jpgGoogle plans to introduce its long-awaited service to allow people to upload and store their music collections on the Web and listen to their songs on Android phones or tablets and on computers.

The announcement of the new service, a so-called cloud-based music player, will be made on Tuesday at Google I/O, the company’s developers conference here, which will run through Wednesday.

The service, to be called Music Beta by Google, is similar to one introduced by Amazon in March, although it will store considerably more music. And like Amazon, Google does not have the cooperation of music labels, which means that users cannot do certain things that would legally require licenses, like sharing songs with friends and buying songs from Google.

But Google’s announcement at this time was unexpected because it has been negotiating with the music labels for months to try to make a deal to team with them on a cloud music service.

originally from: The NY Times
Image source:  Maximumpc.com

Google Adds a Little Magic to Earth

http://www.ithinkcomputers.info/Images/google_earth.jpgCalling it “the next generation of realism” Google on Monday introduced the latest version of Google Earth, promising more seamless interactivity with Mother Earth and some unusual new features.

“In Google Earth 6, we’re taking realism in the virtual globe to the next level with a truly integrated Street View experience — and 3-D trees,” explained Google product manager Peter Birch on the company’s official blog. “We’ve also made it even easier to browse historical imagery.”

Though “all great new advances look like magic when they’re first released,” Brooklyn Law School Internet and telecommunications law professor Jonathan Askin told TechNewsWorld, “Google Earth 6 is indeed world-shaking, and disrupts a lot of traditional thinking about how we view the world.”

Part of that thinking involves paradigms about privacy and law enforcement, Askin explained.

“Google Earth 6 will be met with concerns, some logically justified,” he said. “Concerns include potential encroachment on individual privacy, and potential law enforcement and security risks that ensue by placing such powerful tools in the hands of all individuals, including those with nefarious intentions.”

Read the complete article on Technology News World
image source: http://www.ithinkcomputers.info

Google Places – Your local business on Google

Millions of people search Google Maps every day. A free listing on Google Maps makes it easy for them to find you.

image Google Places can be used to create your free listing. When potential customers search Maps for local information, they’ll find your business: your address, hours of operation, even photos of your storefront or products. It’s easy, free, and you don’t need a website of your own.


Reach new customers on Google Maps and Google.com: Local customers are already searching for the products and services you offer. Why not make it easy for them to find you on Google search and on Google Maps

Works great for businesses of any size: Whether you run a office or dozens of shops, manage all your listings from a single account.

Update your listing at any time: Use Google Places to edit your listing whenever and however you like. Your Google Maps results will be updated in a few weeks, not next year.

Increase Productivity with multi monitor setup

I have always been fascinated with multiple displays and I always wanted to have a multi monitor setup for myself. I firstly became aware of such a concept when I bought Ati Radeon 9200 long time back. Then I realized that I could hook up two monitors to my box… one on the 9200 and the other on the onboard intel one… The 92o0 also had the option to hook up a TV.

Currently on my wish list is the ATI EYE FINITY.

Here I would try to show how I utilize two monitors to increase productivity ans have fun…

I have an XPS 1210, I love to chat, watch movies and documentaries and google around. XPS 1210 being a very small machine has a screen of just 12 inches and thus at times it becomes difficult to watch movies and do other things at the same time. One more thing that i like to do is Google for any thing that I find interesting in a movies or a documnentary and to do that I have to stop the video. So I decided to buy a LCD monitor and extend my work space. I zeroed in on AOC 20′ 2036Sa. It not at all expensive and has great response.

Now what I do is that I have extended my destop on to the larger LCD and watch movies on it and do the rest of the work on my XPS… woking and having fun at the same time…

Following is a guide to setup multi monitor setup.

Windows 7 has some neat little enhancements, one of them being how it lets you handle dual monitors. If you’re adding a second monitor to your Windows 7 home or office PC, which is a very good idea, it’s a breeze to configure.

There are actually two ways you can currently setup multiple monitors in Windows 7, either by using a keyboard shortcut or via the traditional system properties.

I really like the first method since it’s new and is way easier than having to go into the Control Panel or anything else.

Simply press the Windows key and P (Windows + P) to bring up a quick menu of options.

dual monitors windows 7

Pretty neat! You can pick to show only the computer, make the second monitor a duplicate of the first, extend the desktop to the  second monitor or turn off the first monitor and activate the second.

The second way is to right-click on the desktop and choose Screen resolution.

multiple monitors windows 7

Now you’ll see the familiar 1 and 2 to distinguish which monitor is which. There are several options and under Multiple Displays, you can choose from the same options as when you pressed Win + P.

setup multiple monitors windows 7

That’s it! You can also change the orientation of the displays and change the resolution of each display. It’s pretty straight-forward in Windows 7 and a lot easier!

Apart from this if you are extending your desktop then you can chose the location of your second display. That would decide the movement of the mouse. Suppose you keep the second display on right then moving the mouse beyond the right edge takes the cursor to the secreen 2. Similarly u can keep the second screen either in left or right or top or even bottom.

The Bird, The Book and The Buzz

There were days when I was happy with my phone and email, conversing with my friends and sharing updates of my blogs very frequntly. Then came this new bird on the block. This birdie promised to deliver your updates to several people, sounded cool, so I got a birdie for me. This little birdie was able to carry a small snippet of just 140 charchters but that served the purpose very well. This birdie also helped several url shortners to grow. Indeed the Birdie helped people alot. The Angel Birdie.
This angel had so many hidden powers that other tried to imitate the birdies power as and when these powers became apparent.
First on the line was The Facebook, which had started as a web based yearbook for schools and colleges. They tried to match the birdies features feather by feather and also added in some more colorful feather from Raven of likeness and commenting. They came up with a book which allowed you to write messages in themagical cyber ink and those messages automatically appeared on the pages of your friends books as if by magic.
While the birdie was busy delivering updates to people and the book was overflowing with likes and comments some one was watching the birdie fly high and Facebook spread worldwide through their wonderful goggles riding their own wave of happiness. But some flaw in their surfboard didnt allow them to qualify for the race.

But these people, the cool people, they are too good and believe me they really are. If you have seen a computer and haven’t heard about them then you must be some ALF [read Alien Life Form]. These people with colorful shaded have always been following the funda of getting the intel from the successful people if they are behind schedule. They did this the very first time for their most succesful Ad based revenue model of the wolrd till date. [If you still havent got it, we are talking about Google and Overture.] Now we have tried to make a crude model to show you all that how they did it.


They took the best pieces from everywhere and made the huge <ding> ahh … The Buzz. This buzz allows you to post to lenghts that make you happy, seriously way large post compared to 140 of our little birdie and 420 of the Book and the best part is you get it delivered in you inbox.
This is just the begining and as someone had said that this internet will change the way the economies work, markets dictate terms and people interact with each other. We guess the time has come for us to witness a new phenomenon.
Lets all wait and watch and we at MtaraM would be bringing you more from The Birdie, The Book and The BUZZ.

Google home page = chrome page

Those nice people at Google, engineers at heart rather than craven, money-grabbing business people, seem to have suffered a sudden attack of commercialism.

The folks at the Silicon Alley Insider alerted me to this startlingly commercial ad on the Google home page. It can’t be, I thought. So I went to Google.com myself and there it still was: a dry little thing in the right-hand corner suggesting that I should download Google Chrome.

You might be wondering why Google might have taken this sudden, almost alarming step into advertising’s dark hole.

You might consider that it comes soon after Google’s extremely engaging Chrome campaign, the one that comes over all Picasso.

You might wonder whether the company has had enough of browser war talk and decided to enact browser war mayhem.

You might also wonder whether, following the rumors of a Google phone, the company has decided that it has had enough of its nice-guy persona. Like a priest who’s renounced his vows in order to play the field, Google is going to make a grab for every last dollar in the technological space.

Whatever the reason, it all seems rather sweet. Which is just how Google wants it to seem.

via Cnet

Technology and its limits

Yesterday for the first time I was roaming alone in Mumbai. Had to meet a friend in Andheri and I was staying in Airoli sector 6. I was not sure which bus goes where and thus all was to be asked from friends and fellow travellers.

The starting bus was told to me by my friend. Just to make sure that I was going where I wanted to go I tried to map the route on my E63. The connectivity was not an issue where ever I went.

The bus took me from Airoli sector 6 to SEEPZ in 20 minutes in 30 bucks that too in AC. (yea its true). I got down at SEEPZ. So far so good. Had my friend sms me her office address. Looked up the building name in map search and there it was on the map. I decided to walk upto her office. I reached there and waited for her to come. Did I tell you that all this while I was chatting to 3 of my friends who were on Gtalk and Facebook via Nimbuzz. I also Tweeted some bytes via Snaptu and updated my Facebook status through it too.

So far so good.

Now what bothered me was the resolution of my location shown to me on my phone which is within 500 to 700 meters depending upon the triangulation and terrain. We decided to go to Dominos and I assured them that we can reach on our own and lets try. At most we would have to ask some one.

Searched for Dominos on map located a store and as it was not that close we decide to get an auto rickshaw. The map showed me that we were going off route so we took a U turn… may be the driver was taking us on the right road… but who knows. We got down at a place somewhere near dominoes. In between Google failed to triangulate my location and ended up showing me somewhere in the mountains.

We looked for Dominos and following the map we reached the place marked dominoes. Now I don’t know whether it was the resolution issue or some bugger had marked dominoes on the wrong place. I guess the probability of it being marked wrongly on map is more. We had to ask a cool guy on a bus stop who told us the way to Dominos which was almost a kilo meter away from the marked spot. I also had called up the same outlet twice to confirm the location on the number that I got on the map. [number was correct spot was wrong or may be it was the triangulation algorithm… we would not be able to know]. Finally we reached Dominos. Had hell of a party. India had won the match too…

Lesson learn: Trust the technology but it has its limits and asking a human doest hurt at all (if confused ask more then one)

Technology can be trusted but people can not as we see that the person who marked Dominos on map was surely a human.

I know both statements above contradict but so is life… contradictory and confusing…

BTW I love my E63

Goo.Gl Google’s own url shortner

goo.glGoogle has launched its own URL shortening tool, as the company continues to expand into new services.

While not quite as earth shattering as the launch of its own operating system, the unveiling of Goo.gl is an interesting move for the search giant.

Link shorteners, such as TinyURL and Bit.ly, allow people to reduce long URLs into a short jumble of letters and digits. These tools have become increasingly high-profile thanks to services such as Twitter – which limits tweets to 140 characters.

Unlike those previously mentioned services, Goo.gl will not be offered as a standalone link shrinker. Instead it will initially be built into Google’s products, beginning with the company’s browser toolbar and its Feedburner RSS service.

“Google URL shortener is not a stand-alone service; you can’t use it to shorten links directly,” says Muthu Muthusrinivasan, a Google software engineer on the company’s blog.

“If the service proves useful, we may eventually make it available for a wider audience in the future,” he concludes.

According to Google, URLs shortened through Goo.gl will be automatically checked against a list of malicious sites, allowing the company to warn users about dodgy links.

Google adds streaming news to Google Finance

Google Finance now offers streaming news related to the stock market.

(Credit: Screenshot by Tom Krazit/CNET)

Google has added a few new features in hopes of attracting more users to Google Finance, blending financial stories from Google News right into the mix.

Yahoo owns the online financial information market with Yahoo Finance (rated first in its category by ComScore with 22 million unique visitors in September), but Google is trying to carve out a niche for itself by adding a so-called “real time” stream of news to Google Finance pages. On the main Google Finance page, users can now click on a news tab that brings up what appears to be a constantly updated Google News-powered stream of news stories related to the general market or specific portfolios set up as part of a profile.

The stories seem to update every minute or so, but Google will only turn on the streaming service between 8 a.m. ET and 5:30 p.m. ET, 90 minutes before and after the U.S. stock market trading hours. Google also said it has added a list of the recent quotes users look up on the service, as well as real-time streaming of stock prices on pages dedicated to individual stocks–all services currently available on Yahoo Finance.