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Got a friend at work place?. How to handle


Most people spend their life at work. In fact with the growing working hours, increasing pressures and greater addiction to work, for some their job has become their life and their office has become their home. In such a scenario it’s difficult to maintain relationships out of the work place. Having a close friend at work can actually be a source of stress relief and joy for an employee. Here are some of the benefits of finding a close friend in your colleague at work:

(i) S/he is your comfort face: To see someone you can relate with is an added advantage of being at work. Just knowing that someone you connect with is also around you, can add to the comfort factor in times of stress and pressure.
(ii) You can confide in him: Sometimes you just need to share your heart with someone. And if that someone is a close friend who is your colleague, is a cherry on the pie. When you confide in your close friend, you know that you will be understood.
(iii) Have a coffee break with him: It’s always great to have coffee and lunch with a friend. You may not have the time to socialize with your friends, so eating together or having coffee with your close friend can assist in making up for the lost friendship.
(iv) Discuss career growth with him/her and expect support: If your colleague is a friend, then career guidance and support becomes natural. It’s easier and meaningful to discuss your future with someone who knows you and your work and has your best interest in mind.
(v) Will watch your back at work: The world has become competitive today and you truly need a close friend at work who can watch your back for you and warn and guide you in your best interests. So go ahead and find a good close friend at work, and you will find more fulfillment in time and life spent at work.

We can make close friends easier than dealing with rude colleagues. At some point in our careers, most of us are forced to work with colleagues, whose people skills are unpleasant, if not atrocious. The thought of having to regularly interact with such people, who are routinely negative, argumentative, stressed out, or just plain mean can make your job a terrible and trying experience.

Well, while you can not change them or control their behavior, you can control your own reactions to it. Because how you interact with rude colleagues can affect your career. Tactfully handling difficult personalities requires strong interpersonal skills and diplomacy, which can make you stand out for all the right reasons.

The rude colleagues are jerks and they need to be tackled by tact. First, try not to let their rude behavior affect your work. Though it’s natural to dwell on such situations, you should not get too stressed about them, especially if they don’t affect your routine work or your career path. Focus only on your work and save your energy for those in the office who deserves it.

If their rude behavior does affect your work, try to spend as little time as you can with the person. Choose to work on projects with other individuals, and keep a distance from your rude colleagues.

Stay calm. The workplace is not a place to become dramatic or over emotional. If the other person is rude or nasty, try to still respond with dignity and define limits regarding the specific behavior. If you react with an angry outburst, you will almost make the situation worse.

Be firm when you deal with a rude colleague. Being too nice or easy going might lead to getting walked over and having more rudeness directed at you. You can smile and be cordial, but do not be a doormat. Be tactful and teach them a lesson at appropriate opportunities without disturbing work place environment.