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Top 10 most popular tech companies

SecondMarket, a firm that facilitates investments in private companies, released a report Tuesday that discloses which companies buyers are most interested in.

Interest was determined by how many investors on the platform listed each company on their “watch lists.” When SecondMarket investors and potential investors add a company to these lists, they get relevant articles about them in their SecondMarket profile newsfeeds. It’s somewhat analogous to “liking” a Page on Facebook.

Just like in December, when SecondMarket released a similar report, Facebook takes the cake again. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as the social network is reported to be eyeing an IPO in 2012 that could value the company at as much as $100 billion.

LinkedIn, which has its IPO set for Thursday, fell from second to fourth on the list as Groupon jumped from sixth to third. Groupon is also facing a handsome payday, anticipating a valuation as high as $15 billion when it goes public.

Twitter, on the other hand, managed to sneak into the second slot on the most-watched list with no payday in sight.

SecondMarket also listed “rising stars,” companies that had the highest quarter-on-quarter increase in wish list appearances. Among them are Foursquare, Dropbox, Spotify, Skype and Gilt Groupe.

Not all of these companies necessarily have shares available on SecondMarket’s platform. The ones that do are largely sold by ex-employees, who accounted for 86% of completed transactions in Q1 of 2011. In contrast, founders accounted for just 2%; it was the first quarter any have sold shares on the platform in the past 12 months.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, AlexKalina

Facebook’s smear campaign against Google

http://www.shefeekj.com/wp-content/gallery/google_fb/090114_GoogleFacebook.jpgWith privacy a hot-button topic for the past few weeks, thanks to revelations about location tracking via smartphone and the like, the timing of what has now been revealed as a Facebook smear campaign against Google must have seemed perfect. But the campaign gets a big fat “F” for execution.

The Daily Beast reports that Facebook has admitted to hiring PR firm Burson-Marsteller to push the media to write about privacy issues surrounding a Google tool called Social Circle, which allows Gmail users to see their social connections as well as those of their contacts. A Facebook spokesman told the Daily Beast that the company is concerned with the privacy implications of Google’s scraping of what a Google spokesman told USA Today is information that’s public — data gathered from Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and more. The PR campaign began to unravel when a blogger refused to cooperate because Burson wouldn’t name its client; the blogger instead published the email exchange with John Mercurio, a former reporter now working for Burson.

via The silicon valley blog
image: Source

Facebook set for display ad lead

http://www.masternewmedia.org/images/Facebook-ads-485.gifFacebook’s large user base will make it the world’s largest online display advertising company by revenue this year, overtaking the comparable businesses of Google and Yahoo, according to analysis published on Tuesday.

Enders Analysis, based in London, in a report on Tuesday, forecasts that Facebook will lift its advertising revenues from $1.8bn to $3.5bn in 2011, a rise of 95 per cent. At the same time, Google’s display business – which includes YouTube, the video site, and DoubleClick, its banner network – is expected to rise from $2bn last year to $2.6bn this year, with Facebook extending its lead in 2012.

Display advertising includes text, images and video shown on a standard web page, although it excludes search, from which Google derives significantly larger revenues.

Although Facebook’s advertising revenues remain a fraction of Google’s search business, the social network’s 500m users and the volume of ads it shows those users has enabled it to lift revenues rapidly.

To read in depth head over to FT.com

How to delete Facebook friend list

Long time back I created a few lists on facebook and over the time one of them became redundant. I was looking all over facebook about how to delete that list and ultimately stubled upon the right link.

1.click on Accounts
2.click edit friends

3. On the left, about half way down you will see the category "Lists"

4.click on the list you want to delete
5.click on "Delete List"

6.Confirm by clicking "Delete List"

Facebook at work


Whenever I check Facebook in the noon all is see is that most of my requests have been accepted in a time frame of last 3 to 4 hours. Most of the comments are made on my updates in the same time frame and most status updates too are made at the same time. It seems like people come to work, start their workstations, fire up their browsers and … tada… www.facebook.com …. and the work begins…

There is also a lot of activity at the end of the day in evening but not as much as in the morning. The reason I think is “The day starts at the same time for all but ends at different hours for each of us”, isn’t it?

Facebook at Work = Lost Productivity?

According to the Nucleus Research survey, employers are losing 1.5 workers per 100 in employee productivity to the supposed time-wasting activity known as "Facebooking." To reach that number, the company surveyed a random sampling of 237 office workers.

A Second Opinion

Nucleus Research isn’t seeing the bigger picture here, so we’d like to counter their research with some findings from the University of Melbourne. U of M professor Dr. Brent Coker also surveyed a small sample of office workers (300 to be exact) and came to a rather different conclusion.

Read the full discussion on Readwriteweb and also let us know about your thoughts 🙂

Facebook – the new face of evolving social media

According to Facebook, Public will be the New Private. Goodbye Privacy, Social will now be the default status of the Internet as dominated by Facebook.

At the F8 conference, Facebook released stats of their growth. More importantly, they released tidbits of information which revolutionize the way the 400 million users of Facebook use the Internet.


Facebook has included.

  1. A Universal Like Button
  2. Auto-Login Capabilities using Facebook
  3. A Facebook Social Bar

And the Open Graph!

So what all this mean and how is it going to change our experience of the Wild Wild Web?

Social plugins like the Universal Like button mean that you can instantly share on Facebook anything you like across the Web. Unlike the share, you can also see all your other friends who’ve liked it, and everyone else who shares the same interest. Lets see what Google and Twitter come up with against this.

A lot of sites will auto-login with your Facebook account. So, you don’t really need to login to Like something. Facebook Connect with it’s multiple permissions will evolve into a one-click permission button, where you can now logon to almost any website.


The Social Bar adds Facebook Chat. A small bar, hovering on your browser, with the Like Button and Facebook Chat. That’s not all, assuming you’ve auto-connected, it’ll also show you pictures of all your friends who’re currently on that site.

The Like Button has a few more features, like the Activity Stream and the Recommendations Stream. If you go to a Website, you will get recommendations based on your “Like” activity and that of your friends.

The Open Graph!

Facebook will now connect with over 30 partners across the Web to give you a more personal experience. Yelp in the USA maps businesses, restaurants etc. Pandora is prolific in the USA for music. Facebook plans to track usage of these sites deeply with your activity and that of your friends to give you recommendations. Go to CNN.com, and once it’s implemented, you’ll receive recommendations on the stories you might like. Pandora, once linked with Facebook will give you music recommendations. Check out a restaurant on Yelp and you can also see every review that your friends have made on nearby restaurants.

Docs for Facebook! Microsoft and Facebook are now collaborating to unleash on the Internet Docs.com, which is sure to prove to be competition for Google Docs.

Facebook can now evolve to more than just conversations. Docs can be uploaded either through a Web application or through a computer, and more, they can be edited realtime.

Facebook has also finally given details on Facebook Credits, perhaps the most long-awaited virtual currency on the Internet. This is especially important for those who like gaming on FB.

fb-credits fb-credits fb-credits fb-credits fb-credits fb-credits fb-credits fb-credits

Facebook in India!

Facebook has tied up with Naukri.com, Times Internet and Espn Cricket. So now, users can share job postings on Facebook. Naukri, one of India’s largest job-search portals, has integrated Facebook’s new Social Plugins. This integration will give users the ability to share job postings with their circle of friends and view jobs posted by their friends on Facebook using the Naukri platform.

This move by Naukri is a brilliant First Strike as it is the only jobsite partner in India to partner with Facebook.

Times Internet has also jumped onto the bandwagon. Content on Timesofindia.com, Indiatimes.com and all sister websites will be connected via Facebook, to give you recommendations, the ability to instantly share on Facebook and many other features.

Cricinfo.com has also integrated Fb plugins. Cricinfo.com is prolific, and apart from sports news, also features blogs and opinions. And now, Liking the fact that your favourite IPL team is winning will be a click away!

Phew! This is a lot for one go. I am pretty sure that Facebook have massive plans and they are not far from the top. In case I have missed out on something please let us know via your comments.

Facebook vs Orkut

facebook vs orkut

I was no fan of online social networking till the early days of my college because I had so many real friends and barely spent any time online and then one fine day I was introduced to WordPress which changed brought a turnaround in my cyber life. Most of my real friends were not on online and I had a tough time gathering a following for my blog. I started off with Orkut and after a year or so I was on Facebook. I was on Orkut most of the time till I realized that Orkut was becoming monotonous with nothing much to do. They had been doing great for a long long time [yes… 3-5 years is a long long time in cyber world] but somehow lost it to Facebook.

When I completely moved onto Facebook, I found it better to share and post. I still have a lot many friends on Orkut who are not there on Facebook so I visit Orkut once or twice a week.

I liked Facebook so because it provides so much more exposure than other Social Networks. The proof is the constantly growing number of users on Facebook.

One major fact that makes Facebook better for me is that I feel that I have to spend less time to see what all updates are there unlike in Orkut. [Its the way I feel and I may be biased]. Facebook also allows me to decide what goes where on my page though in a limited way but it still counts. Orkut and Facebook both have chat and I like that. Just one more feature that I want is a common place to upload my pictures so that they are seen on both Facebook and Orkut because I get tires of uploading same pictures two times on both the sites. If any one of you knows any such site or service please let us know.

For those who think that Facebook still lags behind Orkut in India please visit GlobalThoutz illustrations.

We would also like to hear from you all how you feel about the two of them and which one you find better for yourself.

The Bird, The Book and The Buzz

There were days when I was happy with my phone and email, conversing with my friends and sharing updates of my blogs very frequntly. Then came this new bird on the block. This birdie promised to deliver your updates to several people, sounded cool, so I got a birdie for me. This little birdie was able to carry a small snippet of just 140 charchters but that served the purpose very well. This birdie also helped several url shortners to grow. Indeed the Birdie helped people alot. The Angel Birdie.
This angel had so many hidden powers that other tried to imitate the birdies power as and when these powers became apparent.
First on the line was The Facebook, which had started as a web based yearbook for schools and colleges. They tried to match the birdies features feather by feather and also added in some more colorful feather from Raven of likeness and commenting. They came up with a book which allowed you to write messages in themagical cyber ink and those messages automatically appeared on the pages of your friends books as if by magic.
While the birdie was busy delivering updates to people and the book was overflowing with likes and comments some one was watching the birdie fly high and Facebook spread worldwide through their wonderful goggles riding their own wave of happiness. But some flaw in their surfboard didnt allow them to qualify for the race.

But these people, the cool people, they are too good and believe me they really are. If you have seen a computer and haven’t heard about them then you must be some ALF [read Alien Life Form]. These people with colorful shaded have always been following the funda of getting the intel from the successful people if they are behind schedule. They did this the very first time for their most succesful Ad based revenue model of the wolrd till date. [If you still havent got it, we are talking about Google and Overture.] Now we have tried to make a crude model to show you all that how they did it.


They took the best pieces from everywhere and made the huge <ding> ahh … The Buzz. This buzz allows you to post to lenghts that make you happy, seriously way large post compared to 140 of our little birdie and 420 of the Book and the best part is you get it delivered in you inbox.
This is just the begining and as someone had said that this internet will change the way the economies work, markets dictate terms and people interact with each other. We guess the time has come for us to witness a new phenomenon.
Lets all wait and watch and we at MtaraM would be bringing you more from The Birdie, The Book and The BUZZ.

Facebook – from color to Country

New Facebook game, just like the one based on colour.

http://worldcup.sportinglife.com/Images/wc2010/flags/48/England.png Single = England
In love = Germany    http://www.dfat.gov.au/geo/images/Germany.png
http://www.the-north-pole.com/around/images/Flags/France.gif Unrequited love = France
With couple = Spain    http://www.the-north-pole.com/around/images/Flags/Spain.gif
http://eusoils.jrc.ec.europa.eu/ESDB_Archive/soil_data/images/data_Images/italy.gif Single but Happy =Italy
Spring from one flower to another = Norway    http://www.dfat.gov.au/geo/images/Norway.png
http://www.dfat.gov.au/geo/images/Sweden.png Special friends = Sweden
In the mood for sex = Andorra    http://www.dfat.gov.au/GEO/images/Andorra.png
http://www.the-north-pole.com/around/images/Flags/Russia.gif Sexually Satisfied = Russia
Not so sexually satisfied: Portugal    http://www.ils.uio.no/english/rose/network/countries/portugal/flag-prt.gif
http://klanten.e-mark.nl/intrum/epi2009/images/flags/Austria.png My boyfriend is Stupid: Austria
Remembering old love/lovers: Croatia    http://www.dfat.gov.au/GEO/images/Croatia.png
http://klanten.e-mark.nl/intrum/epi2009/images/flags/Switzerland.png Married = Switzerland

Thanks to Boa Hancock

Me & My Cell phone

My cell phone .. .dropped into water man …  And I stood there watching… like a meak spectator … as if I am watching my near and dear one killed in front of me.. I looked at it again .. my mind filled with thousands thoughts entering …

How can I save my phone .. no I don’t want it to die … thinking about saving hundreds of people, businesses ….

I picked it up from water immediately .. opened it.. separating the battery and the parts..  quick and Swinged it fast , so that the water can move out … from each pore.. of my phone .. Water that  was smelling like it’s touched each part of my phone , each circuits of my phone ..  Each one touched by water, No not touched but wounded…

I patted it with a towel and with teary eyes .. I was thinking and trying to figure out .. is it alive..  Thinking that do I have to arrange a demise ceremony for my phone.. or an obituary. …. I dried it as much as I cud …myself…. But I cud realize water called much  harm…

Without losing time ..I rushed to a hair dryer .. holding it in my hand for atleast 30 min or more .. and thinking this would work miracle … prayers coming out of my mind ..more and more .. God save my phone ..  

With crossed my fingers … and switched it on .. Nopes.. did not work… L

I Rushed to  my car and drove as fast as I cud …  went to one of the renowned shop and gave it to them … immediate measures were taken in front of me .. and I was a one percent relxed .. just 1 %. . I went home as they said it would take 2 days ..

I was back home and feeling low…

At times I feel Technology is too much … I Want to get disconnected from facebook , twitter, orkut , gtalk , hotmail, yahoo . ..( thought this is just a momentary feeling).

At times when my cell phone rings all day and I feel like .. Man .. gimme some peace man!!!. 

But today I had No phone. Just been an hour and I cud see the feeling ..  But losing contact with technology is like losing contact with a best friend…. One day when my cell phone NokiaE63 , had to go for a repair . I lost touch with my friends. I was feeling soo imcomplete whole day… I had lost contact with 450 people.  In few seconds , I felt like earthquake and my life going topsy turvy. I was feeling as if I was in  a middle of a presentation and the battery of my laptop has discharged.

My mind thinking abt my phone .. my beautiful phone … My most lovely possession .. my people , my contact list , my sms!!!! My online twitter , skype … I started missing everything soo much .. I was unable to live without my cell phone… M I really soo addicted..  my fingers feel like .. I need to text .. type… my fingers felt like typing and I wanted my phone.. in my palm…

I can hear the ringtone of my phone… even if it was not ringing…

What have we done to ourself … Technology has made us soo crippled.. Can’t we stay without a phone for few hours??? …… Yes I have to say .. we have became dependent too much .. on technology .. Cant remember birthday’s , we feed in, alarm , sms , photo , navigation ,songs , video ,bill payment, everything  we can think of under the Sun.

Can I feel complete ever without my Cell phone??? As if m dying and my soul is coming out from my body.. trying to unleash .. and fly…

I was turning low and sinking into it .. and getting desperate about my phone .. when would I get it back . I was right there standing at the same place where my phone fell . The water … was same… ad there I could see my own reflection.. the effects were all on my face…

As if I my dear one has gone into Coma!, and doctor says the recovery might be possible. Might , this again struck my brain cells with millions and nano questions.. We get soo attached to objects so much!. An object merely dead!, a non living thing, and I got soo fond of it ..

I was staying in a fear, I might get my prized possession back or not…

With this feeling I opened my diary to check what contacts and other details I have saved… and realized it’s not updated from an year…

I lost it .. again from scratch ..

I got a lesson of my life.. Technology is good, but keep backups ( mayb2) , technology made me feel crippled..  But yes.. I got my lesson …

This time if my phone comes back , I would try to remember b’day of my friends myself , few important numbers as well. Not just blindly depend on technology…

I tried to smile again .. and felt how would I keep my phone away from me…

I knew I would try .. this time .. dunnoo it would be fruitful or not.. But I will give it a shot…