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Facebook – the new face of evolving social media

According to Facebook, Public will be the New Private. Goodbye Privacy, Social will now be the default status of the Internet as dominated by Facebook.

At the F8 conference, Facebook released stats of their growth. More importantly, they released tidbits of information which revolutionize the way the 400 million users of Facebook use the Internet.


Facebook has included.

  1. A Universal Like Button
  2. Auto-Login Capabilities using Facebook
  3. A Facebook Social Bar

And the Open Graph!

So what all this mean and how is it going to change our experience of the Wild Wild Web?

Social plugins like the Universal Like button mean that you can instantly share on Facebook anything you like across the Web. Unlike the share, you can also see all your other friends who’ve liked it, and everyone else who shares the same interest. Lets see what Google and Twitter come up with against this.

A lot of sites will auto-login with your Facebook account. So, you don’t really need to login to Like something. Facebook Connect with it’s multiple permissions will evolve into a one-click permission button, where you can now logon to almost any website.


The Social Bar adds Facebook Chat. A small bar, hovering on your browser, with the Like Button and Facebook Chat. That’s not all, assuming you’ve auto-connected, it’ll also show you pictures of all your friends who’re currently on that site.

The Like Button has a few more features, like the Activity Stream and the Recommendations Stream. If you go to a Website, you will get recommendations based on your “Like” activity and that of your friends.

The Open Graph!

Facebook will now connect with over 30 partners across the Web to give you a more personal experience. Yelp in the USA maps businesses, restaurants etc. Pandora is prolific in the USA for music. Facebook plans to track usage of these sites deeply with your activity and that of your friends to give you recommendations. Go to CNN.com, and once it’s implemented, you’ll receive recommendations on the stories you might like. Pandora, once linked with Facebook will give you music recommendations. Check out a restaurant on Yelp and you can also see every review that your friends have made on nearby restaurants.

Docs for Facebook! Microsoft and Facebook are now collaborating to unleash on the Internet Docs.com, which is sure to prove to be competition for Google Docs.

Facebook can now evolve to more than just conversations. Docs can be uploaded either through a Web application or through a computer, and more, they can be edited realtime.

Facebook has also finally given details on Facebook Credits, perhaps the most long-awaited virtual currency on the Internet. This is especially important for those who like gaming on FB.

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Facebook in India!

Facebook has tied up with Naukri.com, Times Internet and Espn Cricket. So now, users can share job postings on Facebook. Naukri, one of India’s largest job-search portals, has integrated Facebook’s new Social Plugins. This integration will give users the ability to share job postings with their circle of friends and view jobs posted by their friends on Facebook using the Naukri platform.

This move by Naukri is a brilliant First Strike as it is the only jobsite partner in India to partner with Facebook.

Times Internet has also jumped onto the bandwagon. Content on Timesofindia.com, Indiatimes.com and all sister websites will be connected via Facebook, to give you recommendations, the ability to instantly share on Facebook and many other features.

Cricinfo.com has also integrated Fb plugins. Cricinfo.com is prolific, and apart from sports news, also features blogs and opinions. And now, Liking the fact that your favourite IPL team is winning will be a click away!

Phew! This is a lot for one go. I am pretty sure that Facebook have massive plans and they are not far from the top. In case I have missed out on something please let us know via your comments.