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Disaster Management is it an option?

http://www.tecsafety.com/images/old-images/disaster8.jpgOne fine day of my life and I get a message from the academic department about a whole day workshop on Disaster management. The very first reaction to such sms is WTF. But that is just out of instinct and we have a habit of saying these three words whenever a message about any acadamic activity come. All being said I came to the class just to see almost everyone there (this is a mandate for all).
Disaster management is a logical thing and should be inculcated in
all. It is a must for a country like India which is most of it is unorganized, uneducated, confused and at times totally unaware. There have been several incidents of disasters like the earthquake in Gujrat, cyclone in Orissa, flood and terrorist attacks in Mumbai and many more uncountable incidents.
Whenever there is such a workshop, it just is looked upon as a useless activity  because people fail to understand that what ever they are seeing on TV or reading in papers can effect them too. Once this awareness is spread that any one can be effected by these disasters, it would help people understand the gravity and motivate them towards learning the ways of safeguarding themselves as well as others.
The major issue with a developing country is the population, the unawareness and lack of education and to top it all people just dont want to learn how to safeguard them because they just think that they wont face any disaster themselves. What they fail to understand the disaster doesnt select the people and then come, a disaster of any type can happen anywhere. There was a time when there were a lot of small awareness program on TV which I saw while growing up but still that can not account for a formal education on disaster management.
Every school or college should incorporate such a program in form of workshops.

Ever since the end of days of Doordarshan and advent of cable TV there has been a dearth of awareness programs for any kind of disaster and accident awareness. This calls for a strict action to make such a program a mandate for every person and unless done so it would very difficult for a country like India to recover from and mitigate disasters.

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