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Alienware M11x – Next on my wish list!

Alienware laptops are powerful, but they’re not exactly known for being ultraportable or affordable. In a form approaching Netbook size, the 11.6-inch laptop comes packed with switchable graphics, including an Nvidia GT335M GPU as its main powerhouse, and will sell this spring for less than $1,000.
According to Dell representatives, the M11x will achieve over six hours of battery life in its lower-graphics function mode, and with a hot switch to the faster Nvidia GPU that will take under 2 seconds and not require logging out, will attain around two hours of “intense gaming.”
Dell claims that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will run at over 30fps in full-HD mode and settings set to high, which would certainly be a feat.
Compared to other Alienware laptops, the M11x is surprisingly slim. In fact, its overall dimensions weren’t far off from the Asus EeePC 12.1-inch Atom Netbook we were carrying along with us. It’s a bit angular and blocky, but the M11x represents a massive move to true portability for the Alienware brand.





Dell opens up communication unit

Showing it’s serious about smartphones, Dell is reorganizing the company around its newest product.

Dell is forming a new communications business unit to be helmed by Ron Garriques, a former Motorola executive brought in to run Dell’s consumer business two years ago, Reuters first reported Friday. Dell officials confirmed that the consumer group will be folded into the small and medium business group run by Steve Felice.

Dell started selling its first smartphone at the end of November in China and Brazil only. The new unit run by Garriques will develop hardware and software for phones and other mobile Internet devices.

Dell has recently fallen even further behind its once-lofty perch as the world’s biggest producer of PCs. It is now No. 3 behind Hewlett-Packard and Acer, both of which offer consumers computers and smartphones. The company is, like most consumer hardware makers, increasingly moving to smaller mobile computers like smartphones and laptops as the desktop market has cratered.