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Types of computer virus – An overview

All the viruses that attack the computer system do not act in the same way; there are certain unique patterns that one follows in their contagious activity. There are numerous types of viruses that have come into existence that hits the security system of the computers. Behavior of the computer virus is troublesome as they delete or corrupt the data that are available in storage at the hard drive or interrupts the normal functionality of the operating system.

http://www.hugepedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/computer-virus-remove.jpgThe catching bug gets downloaded from the external sources such as internet connectivity through hidden files together with downloads; email attachments, instant messaging services and via external drives that are used to carry data.

Computer virus protection desires antivirus software to get periodically updated on advanced level antivirus tools and latest virus information that are about to affect the PCs.

Some of the types of computer virus that affects the PCs in common are as follows.

  • Resident viruses: They inhabit in the RAM interrupting into the operations of the system such as corrupting the data in the files that are used in the recent activities. Some of other resident viruses include the McKlunky, CMJ, Randex etc.
  • Companion Virus: These types of viruses are typically spread into the MS-DOS creating a file with extension of .Com or .Exd, which is called defectively when a programmer runs his program with a similar alphabet of file name with either of these extensions.
  • Network Viruses: This virus spreads via the LAN connectivity as the network is used as a medium to spread through shared resources. It spreads along the PCs that are connected along jumping from one system to another to find a new potential prey. Nimda and SQLSlammer are the dangerous network viruses.
  • Polymorphic Viruses: This type of virus replicates by creating multiple copies of the file spreading along the computers linked. Every time the replication is done it changes the digital signature, this activity makes the virus easier to spread from one system to another. Only sophisticated and updated antivirus can detect the Polymorphic virus.
  • Trojan horse: These types of computer viruses are more harmful that makes its establishment into the system and starts the viral activity. They neither copy nor replicate but strike hard on the security system. The malicious functionality of the Trojan is tougher to get out of the PCs once acquired, as they are acquired from any program on downloads.

There are various kinds of viruses that play the role of computer cracking behind the screen, which is being used as a tool to hack and destroy the data that are available on a security link of an organization.

image source : http://hugepedia.com