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My E63 caught cold

I came to my home in Lucknow for a week. The time being the most cold time of the year. I had recently bought me an E63 so it also travels with me. Yesterday when I was out in the morning with my dad  with my phone in hand I tried to do some chatting as I always do [dad was talking to someone on his phone]. I noticed some lag in the response of my phone and also the keypresses failed to register and required to be pressed harder. Then I opened some more application and then it just froze… I took out the battery. Plugged it again and restarted… again the same issues… Till then dad was done with his call so I kept the E63 in pocket. When I took it out gain after an hour or so from my jacket it was not that cold and I could feel the warmth on the phone… I decided to have a shot again and this time all was ok … no freezing of screens and no faltering keypresses… I gues it was the morning chill 🙂 Will keep you warm, my E63 till I’m home. Love you.