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You are the master of your own life…


A 3 year old child loves to run in the house freely, without any boundations. The mother puts a new Kashmiri carpet in the floor and now the child is told not to run inside the drawing room. Now the child cant run freely , he feels restricted and in few days gets used to this border line created by his mother.

Now even for him, decency is not to spoil the new carpet , even if he has to put hold on his steps. Out of dear and out of force.

All of us are a victim of the same in soo many ways ,this is just a mere example. Since we were born and opened our tiny eyes, we have been accustomed to soo many restrictions like these, with fear and force not with natural instinct.

We are told wht is wrong and what is right. We are not given a chance to decide, as we are small, and as time passes by, we get soo used to all these restrictions, that we give the sam e to our children. Why not we think of giving them freedom of choice and expression. Freedom of being decent in his own way.


Society is hypocrite, those who behave decent are decent?. Hoho! Dats how it works in this world. Those who open there mouth against whts going on are indecent.! What an irony. And we say we live in a place of democracy, where we have the  freedom of speech and expression.

An political leader  who works on women empowerment in front of the people in real beats his wife at home?. Decent in public and indecent at home. But NO we dnt call him indecent as today deceny is all about how you behave among people. Your real face .. never comes up, which is rather far more ugly…

What is good and what is bad? Who has decided it? God? No, it’s us , humans , it’s the society which has decided all this.

Which God says , worship me daily?? Or u go to hell?. Which God says , you drink and fag, you go to hell??. Who has heard him say this? No one.. God never says THIS .. we say all this.. categorizing good and categorizing bad..  as for us .. it would be betterment for the society.  

I have seen soo many of my friends who are married, they are restricted to smoke and drink @ home, from there stubborn wife’s , so they smoke and drink@ outside, like a thief. And before going home use all kinds of chlomints and different things, to get rid form the smell.  Fear, a factor, which has it’s shadow on all of us , in some of the other way.

Ffear is the crux of religion. Decent society , we wanna make one. But just from the outer side , what about inside?. To make this society decent, we hold ourself soo many times?, we get soo accustomed of living with that fear, that we cant even decide freely.

How many times do we hear our feelings? . Yeah I know this term looks familiar, instead very familiar. Much talked about these days.

Feelings are of 2 types, natural and fabricated…  Natural is when we react naturally in a free manner . Fabricated is when we have undergone the same situation and in our subconscious mind we remember what had happned last time. SO this time we behave in a better way. This is a fabricated feeling . Most of us can’t judge between which is natural and which is fabricated.

You see a child at a mall ,instantly feel like hugging him, as he is too adorable ,  you really  liked that little fellow , you want to hug him, but you resist, reason last time u pulled a cheek of a little kid , the mother had reprimand  you. So this time you resist it , with all it takes. Now one is the natural feeling which you put a fullstop on as people dnt call it decent. You cant hug your male friends in front of there spouse, as people call it indecent. Before a female gets married , you can be friends , real good friends , but once she is into the marriage trap , you cant expect anything, not even friendship , as for the society it would not be decent. You SOo many restrictions by the society, and society made by us , irony. At times I wonder do we live for ourself or for the society ??.

Listen to your inner feelings , dnt ignore them. They are pure and innocent as a new born. They don’t urge you for doing worst things, but for some of the best moments of life, which you would cherish when that person is far, or would go away, or dies.

Nothing is wrong or nothing is right, our karma are what we decide to chose and we get results accordingly.  Don’t restrict as restrictions in relations would not lead to a more bonded family,or more bonded relation. It would rather fill with a feeling of unexpression. Don’t force to change the person you love and don’t change yourself too for someone. Rather let the person realize it with time. Use emotions and cuddles to change things for the betterment of 2 people. Force might effect in short term, but in longer term it’  would be more like as if someone has imposed sumthing on you, and you just have to follow it , as you have no choice. And like the little child you get accustomed to not going to the drawing room as it is not decent.  

Maybe next time you feel like hugging someone , be it a person , be it a pet , be it anyone. Go ahead.  Hugs are one of the most purest form of expression of love, when done with a n honest heart. Most of us miss Hugs  and we don’t even know it.

It’s us who need to decide for ourselves what is good and what is bad, without the fear of what people would say and think. As it is your life and your conscious decisions.

Love life and enjoy the small moments you get, as these are the moments which would help you know urself better  and will help you ease off from the heavy restrictions given by the society.

I would just end by saying “ We are the master of our own life’s”, we must say this to ourself in times when we need to change the direction of our sail. People will always talk , as it’s how it works in this materialistic world, but do what your want, what u feel is right for you. Maybe that decision at times turns to be  wrong for future , but you would atleast be happy that whatever , u atleast head your inner feelings and did what u wanted.

Trust me , one day wen u have money , fame, have fulfilled your responsibility , have fulfilled all your mental and physical needs, you would need emotional support, dats like 2 old people in 70’s or sumthing  walking on a beach holding hands. At that moment you can be with anyone ,be it your wife, be it your old friend, anyone  with whom you  can be youself, without any restrictions, you can talk and share what you want and looking into the eyes of each other , you know that person is surely one of the best one you have met in your life span. As the winds start blowing high.You just come a little closer and remain silent.