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I bought the monk’s FERRARI

http://img.infibeam.com/img/3c2a398f/496b1/12/859/P-M-B-9788129112859.jpgJust finished reading I bought the monk’s FERRARI. A nice read, well laid out in a step wise manner. The striking thing was the ten commandments.

1. To acquire the Ferrari you need to ASPIRE and when you aspire, do not compromise for anything but the best.
ASPIRE – A Strategic Plan for Individuals which Revisits and Restates Expectations.

2 .Be optimistic , chase the negative thoughts away. A positive frame of mind will surely get you closer to your Ferrari..

3. Do not Whine and whimper about work -life balance.Be the winner, not the wimp and the Ferrari will b yours.

4. Set and follow the highest standard of Integrity in your personal and Professional lives. IF you are high on Integrity , people will respect and value you.The Ferrari when it comes stay with you.

5. Value your own time and the rest of others , and be rest assured that Ferrari will come to you.

6. No one is perfect. The moment you think you are , it is the count down to doomsday. Earning the Ferrari is all about constantly upgrading yourself,improving skill-sets and equipping yourself for the future.And for this the initiative has to be yours.

7. Identify the owners of the Ferrari and align with them. If you are in the company of successful people , their success will rub off on you . But you need to back it up with stellar performance. If you live in Ferrari town chances are you will get to drive one sooner.

8. Share your success with others , if you commit to uplift the downtrodden , you will become the true owner of Ferrari.

9.Remain fighting fit and be in perfect shape. No one will entrust with the Ferrari if you are not fit enough to drive it.Work hard, exercise harder , build stamina , and keep illness at bay.This is sure shot way of getting into the driver’s seat.

10. If you have followed the commandments with dedication and determination , it is the time to build a profile for yourself . Target your audience and announce your achievements . You will own the Ferrari in no time.

The real life examples picked by Ravi are totally relevant totally explain the point he is trying to make.

I started off with a very low interest, had it not been the examples of people, I would never had finished it. Its a good book but I liked “If god was a banker better”.

One quote that I liked the most in the book was “Good work not advertised is akin to kissing a girl in the dark. You don’t know who you kissed, neither does the one you kissed.”

About the author
Ravi Subramanian, an alumnus of IIM-Bangalore, batch of 1993 is currently working with a leading foreign bank in its Retail Banking unit. He now lives in Mumbai with Dharini, his biotechnologist turned banker wife and his nine year old daughter Anusha. Writing is a passion, for this career banker, which he pursues in his free time. He also writes occasionally for popular magazines like “Mans World.”
“If God Was a Banker” his debut novel is a National Bestseller having sold over 20000 copies. His second book, “I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari” is also setting the bookshelves on fire and is a bestseller in its category.