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Bluetooth Headset Antenna Hack

I had an old Orchid mono bluetooth headset lying around in my drawer since so many months. The reson for not using was, I didnt own a bluetooth enabled phone 😉 . Now that i got one. I tried to test it.


And to my disappointment the range was not too good and there was interference when i kept my phone in my trouser pocket. I guess my bidy was acting as a dampner.

So I decided to increase the lenght of its antenna by adding a lenght of copper wire. I know this sounds crazy but sheer craziness works many a times.

It did work and following is how I did it.

I ripped apart my headset.

Took  a small lenght of insulated copper wire. Thin and the kind that is used in small 3V motor winding.antena


There in the picture above you can notice a small white bix kinda thing. It has one end connected to the circuit and the other was free.

So making a calculated blind guess, I soldered the wire to the open end and exended the antenna.


And wow. It did work.

I then packed it up and took out the wire near the microphone at bottom and then bent it along the crevice to secure it. The extra length was cut off. Now I get enough signal to hear clearly in my ear waht is being transmitted from my Nokia 6500