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The 2 most beautiful years of my life

June 3, 2008 was the day when it all started. Fate had decided for me to be a management guy. Started of as a MS aspirant, took German as a language and dont know when I landed up in this MBA stream.

I made some weird choices not according to me but people. Still Im loving it. A geek at heart I knew that the normal marketing and finance wont be my cup of tea and at the same time I got to know this unheard of college called SCIT which claims to a premier IT B school. The course was all that I had learned in the past with one or two unknown courses like HR, marketing, accounting etc. I made my choice and decided to choose it over all others. Left a couple of colleges better than this Premier B school and landed here in Pune for the first time in my life.


I always had thought about living a life of obscurity in the campus playing my games and doing what I wanted. Attending classes was never on my agenda. All was going well but somewhere it went wrong. I just dont get it when it happened. I was noticed by most but how that is still unclear to me.

The advantage of being here in Pune was the exposure to the industry, the people and the environment. Here I realized that I can do any thing but I also realized that I should not do everything. I got to attend so many conferences, Barcamps, Blogcamps, Ideacamps, club meetings and met some cool people like Rohit Srivastava, Navin Kabra, Anant Srivastav, Amit to name a few. Also got the opportunity to be the organizer for a couple of Barcamps and the experience was too good.

I always fell short of attendance due to these but it was worth it. Apart from all this I tried my hands at every committee in college and finally landed up with the entrepreneurship cell and I still am there with iT ELF. All this exposure and experience had given me the spark to be an entrepreneur some day.

Apart from all this, I made so many, ya so many friends. Some of them would the ones for the life. Its because of these cool people that I am able to write this particular piece.

Its not the end but the beginning of my MBA. BTW I also got a good job [the very intent of doing MBA was fulfilled and the day I got the job since then I attended no lectures and that was 3 months without classes 😛

I am thankful to my parents, friends and all my readers.

Barcamp Pune 7 rocked m/


Barcamp Pune 7 was on 13 of march ‘10 at I2IT in Hinjewadi Pune. I got the opportunity to volunteer as an organizer. This was the third time I volunteered for such an event, first two being the Idea Camp Pune 2 and Barcamp Pune 6.

It was an awesome experience for me organizing such an event with Saumil and Gaurav and other fellow students. The sessions were very good and the most prominent ones were :-

1. Streaming Databases by Anup Tapadia – Anup talked about how a large database can be stored in form of time slices and then transformed into a smaller slice and stored. A kind of efficient database purge. We also had demo videos of his revolutionary products which are used in gaming and public interactive displays. I also got a chance to talk to him in person. The session was very enlightening for me.

2. Pune Twestival by Gaurav Saha: Pune is having twestival on 25 of march and as Gaurav and we have exams in that week so all those who want to volunteer for the event can catch-up with Gaurav on twitter.

3. Personal Branding by Sahil Khan: Sahil Khan an entrepreneur of just 21 years of age talked about how to be shameless in branding yourself. Quite interesting session.

4. Telescope making by Yashodhan of I2IT: Yashodhan shared with us his experiences of his work in progress about a telescope

5. Graphical Passwords by Sai Kiran of I2IT: Kiran talked about a concept where images and graphics can be used as passwords for enhanced security. He would be coming up with a proof of concept soon.

6. We also had a movie by the Film group of I2IT

7. Live CD issues by Kinjal Ramiya: Kinjal of Symbiosis IT talked about various security issues while one uses a live cd to do online transaction.

8. At last we had a session on entrepreneurship by a faculty member of I2IT. Ms Urvashi talked about why the research and development in India is so low and slow. I too had an good interactive session with her

Apart from all this I also got to meet Anant. An awesome personality who shares same interests as me. I am sure that we two would be doing some thing together pretty soon.

BarCamp @ I2IT 13 March ’10

BarCampI2IT (barcamp isquareit) is going to be an ad-hoc un-conference organised by the Post Graduate (Management & Technology) Students of International Institute of Information Technology, Pune. Where participants will discuss and share their knowledge / ideas / suggestions about Emerging Technology, Softwares, Networking, Management, Innovation, Web, Opensource, Entrepreneurship etc. by giving sessions, moreover personally interacting with each other.

Anyone with something to Share or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to BarCampI2IT.

BarCampI2IT = Technology +  Management + Innovation +Web + Opensource + Entrepreneurship +…etc.

Main Objectives of BarCampI2IT are:

  • To offer a platform to individuals for Sharing Knowledge / ideas.
  • Bridging the gap between student and industry (Interaction among students, industry professionals & Professors).
  • Open Learning Experience.
  • Open Networking.
  • Community Building.

Register here