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Ayodhya Verdict – Does it matter ?

I was in class First when it was 1992 and North India specially UP was burning amidst the Hindu, Muslim and Ram mandir, Babri mashjid fire. There were riots every where and I still remember that our schools were closed for more than 8 months.
I was too young to understand what was happening but I still remember of the shops being closed down due to fear, the eerie feeling of fear all around. It all seemed like a very dark phase.
One of my teacher lost her son in the riots. I still remember that my mom and dad had to goto work during the curfew. It was allowed because the curfew had been a bit too long. The feeling of something unknown and unwanted happening lingered on for long.
I sill remember the walls painted with the Ayodhay Chalo slogans, I don’t remember the exact slogan because its more than 20 years. (I would appreciate if any one finds it and sends it to us.)
I never understood what purpose it solved except for some short term political goals at the cost of thousands of lives and millions in damage.
“Laathi goli khaenge, par mandir wahin banayenge”
“Bachha Bachha Ram ka, Janmabhoomi ke kaam ka”
“Saugandh Ram ki khaate hain, hum mandir wahin banayenge”
“Jo hindu hit ki baat karega, wahi desh pe raj karega”

Now after more than 20 years of the incident people are reluctant what would be the verdict. The Hindu Muslim funda is passe and people want to live in peace. In my opinion in case of such issues all the structure should be razed to ground and a charitable hospital should be made at the place. The cost definitely would be less than what we have spent so far since the incident in damages, lives and leagal processing.

This was our opinion. We would like to hear about your comments too.
More details @ http://www.kathniya.org/