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Dialer one – The fastest dialer App for Android

https://ssl.gstatic.com/android/market/kz.mek.DialerOne/ss-1-320-480-160-1-ee420208342c541df47dbcce1319135a315d21f1Ever since I had bought my Galaxy 3, I just felt that the Dialer app is slow that I could not think of making calls from my phone. Then I came across this Dialer one one. It is an extremely fast app and makes dialing a breeze. There are loads of shortcuts and the best part of it is you can backup and restore your setings with one tap.

Dialer One is smart multilingual T9 like dialer application.

*Speed dial
*Call log grouped by contact
*Send contact
*Swipe between screens
*Tone dial
*Export calls
*Simultaneous search on calls and contacts on two languages
*Filter contacts by group/organization
*Filter calls by type

To downoad point your Androids camera at the code image below.

In case you dont have a barcode reader search for it in the Android market and install.


Adobe: Flash Apps Will Run On The iPad, Even Full Screen At Some Point


While Apple is being lamented here and there for not supporting Flash on its shiny new iPad – boy does Cupertino have a strong dislike for the platform – Adobe has already responded to the news on the official Flash Platform blog.

The blog post, unambiguously titled “Building iPad Applications with Flash”, is mostly just to remind people of the company’s Packager for iPhone product, which will enable developers to make Flash apps function on the iPhone / iPod Touch through a work-around whereby Flash apps can be easily converted into iPhone apps using Creative Suite 5 (CS5). Adobe also published a post on its Adobe Flash Platform blog addressing the apparent lack of Flash support in the iPad.

The Top 21 Twitter Applications with Minium Visits Per month

1. Twitpic 1,236,828
2. Tweetdeck 285,864
3. Digsby 233,472
4. Twittercounter 212,200
5. Twitterfeed  149,812
6. Twitterholic 147,164
7. Twhirl 143,333
8. Twitturly 88,793
9. Twtpoll 74,154
10. Retweetist 60,051
11. Tweepler 51,304
12. Hellotxt 45,754
13. Twitdom 45,411
14. Tweetscan 44,463
15. Tweetburner 41,754
16. Tweetvisor 31,621
17. Twittervision 30,708
18. Twitterfall 29,592
19. Monitter 25,433
20. Twibs 17,168
21. Twistori 16,229
22. Twitbin 14,986