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5 must have Android utilities

Android has a long lasting list of applications that can be used for this and that and what not. I have been trying various applications for my droid and some of them have been really awesome. Listed below are the 5 such applications that I found amusing as well as productive.

IP Webcam

https://ssl.gstatic.com/android/market/com.pas.webcam/hi-256-1-f73963e1d2a95e397af40cf510f17624d331feb5I came across this application when my XPS 1210’s cam went bad and I needed one more camera. This application connects to the Wifi network and broadcasts the video.




Whats APP

https://ssl.gstatic.com/android/market/com.whatsapp/hi-256-2-063cf3e73115676edd923ec74bb8f17ff93570baWhats App lets you chat to your friends whether they are on blackberry or OVI or any other service. Just add your friends and be ready to chit chat. It also supports group chat now.




Barcode Reader

https://ssl.gstatic.com/android/market/com.google.zxing.client.android/hi-256-0-a52603e4bfdf6e9176c504ee305bdde8c5825288This application is very amusing. It helps save lot of time in case you see some application online with the QR code. Just point your barcode reader to the code and it opens up in the market app on the phone.




Distance Calculator

https://ssl.gstatic.com/android/market/com.gebogebo.android.distancecalcfree/hi-256-0-7ea3f3f86fc5a307e16fad219cf2df89fc09c14bThis application uses GPS to measure the distance traveled along with the speed. It can measure the distance while walking, cycling and driving. This application is just for the sake of curiosity, to know how fast you are going.




Tiny Flash Light + LED

https://ssl.gstatic.com/android/market/com.devuni.flashlight/hi-256-0-fbd9acaaaa348d40833d6b3813635f4e1e8cb93cThis application is a good utility as well as some serious fun too. It turns the phones screen into a flash light. It also has various other modes which allow you the have fun.