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Entertainment Setup Updated

I had an entertainment setup and of late I have bought some more gadgets to make it better. The below snapshot has the overview of how it has been wired up.

Currently I have a 22 inch HD TV

5.1 Speakers with DVD player


Two notebooks Alienware M11x and Dell XPS M1210

Two Android phones Galaxy 3 and Xperia Neo V

A Samsung Tablet

Seagate Goflex Home NAS, connected to wifi router over LAN and WD My Book Essentials 1 TB plugged into the USB port of the NAS dock.

The speakers are connected to the PS3 via optical cable for Dolby 5.1 and to the TV for 2 channel Aux input.

The PS3 is connected to the TV via HDMI and TV set top box is connected to the video in on the TV.

The NAS can natively download torrents and also runs a media server. The torrents can be controlled remotely via a SSH tunnel between my Android phone and the NAS. This feature is still buggy and I would need to get a new router to get this fixed.

My XPS runs PS3 media server and can stream all the content on the XPS. That makes two media server in total.

When needed I plug in my M11x to the TV and play the games on the TV via a wireless Keyboard and mouse.

This has been my setup, I might have missed out on some details, do let me know what do you think about this.


Alienware M11x – Next on my wish list!

Alienware laptops are powerful, but they’re not exactly known for being ultraportable or affordable. In a form approaching Netbook size, the 11.6-inch laptop comes packed with switchable graphics, including an Nvidia GT335M GPU as its main powerhouse, and will sell this spring for less than $1,000.
According to Dell representatives, the M11x will achieve over six hours of battery life in its lower-graphics function mode, and with a hot switch to the faster Nvidia GPU that will take under 2 seconds and not require logging out, will attain around two hours of “intense gaming.”
Dell claims that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will run at over 30fps in full-HD mode and settings set to high, which would certainly be a feat.
Compared to other Alienware laptops, the M11x is surprisingly slim. In fact, its overall dimensions weren’t far off from the Asus EeePC 12.1-inch Atom Netbook we were carrying along with us. It’s a bit angular and blocky, but the M11x represents a massive move to true portability for the Alienware brand.