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Yet another snag in Airtel service

I had flown over to Hyderabad first time for the last weekend, Hyderabad is nice city just like my home town Lucknow and the last thing that I want to be without in an unknown city with a phone with data connection.

Being a big fan of GPS and how it has helped me find/locate places in the past, it becomes very difficult for me to keep calling people and asking how to reach where. At times the way told by people you meet en route are different. And that is where GPS comes in handy.

The moment I landed, I was surprised to see my cell phone without GPRS icon. I tried everything I could to get back on data.

Later in the day I called up 121 (Airtel customer care) just to be told, yet another time, that my connection is outside Hyderabad Connection so I should call up Mumbai. I did call up Mumbai and they tell me that I am in Hyderabad and my data is having issues so I should call 12118. I called up yet another time being optimistic but to my dismay they just hung up the call after understanding what I wanted to say. I was being told that the agent will call up the required support team and conference my call to that team which never happened.

Airtel better learn from some good service providers like Vodafone.

I know loosing a customer here and there will not hamper Airtel in any sense but O’ mightly Airtel thou might never know when the tipping point comes.