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Lost Origin of Twitter

Before Twitter was public, it was just an AIM hack on Jack Dorsey’s pager.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey had a background in messenger culture. He had even launched a dispatch software startup called D-Net, back in 1999. He was also captivated by his friends status messages on AOL Instant Messenger. He wanted to combine the two. And in an era when AIM was king, he did just that.

“I loved seeing at a glance my friends status updates. But I also really appreciated at the same time the dispatch aspect, where you’re out in the world doing something away from the keyboard and IM did not allow that,” said Dorsey. “I had a RIM pager, the 850, the first email device. I programed a system where I could fire off an email from that and set my status from anywhere. And it worked! And I was able to also at a regular interval pull my buddy list and get those updates sent to my email address. It was awesome! But the number of people who had those mobile devices was so minimal that the timing was just not right. This was 2001.”

In 2006, when he was working for Evan Williams at Odeo, Dorsey resurrected the idea. He combined the timeline aspects of LiveJournal with the status updates of instant messenger and the concept of dispatch software that delivers them all remotely. Boom. That’s Twitter.

via Wired

Importance of Focus in life


One young boy aged 20 once met a very rich man. He was impressed with him and realized that he shall also earn money, like him. He started working and earning. While he was doing this, he met an intellectual man. He got impressed with him and left his work and started studying. He studied little and then again met a classical singer. He got impressed with his singing and left studying and started to learn Music.

Life moved on and the young boy turned into a man but neither he had money, nor he had intellect nor music.  One day he told his problems to a Spiritual Guru. The Guru after hearing his agony said, “ The whole world is full of lot of attractions. Make up your mind and go forward to achieve that without doubting your selection. You will surely become successful. If you keep on digging at lot of places then neither will you be able to search water nor you will be able to digg a well.”

The man, understood the indication and moved further in his life with one mind and achieve success.



An old man used to earn his living in the village by teaching kids to climb trees . One day a young boy came to his classes to learn this art.

The old man said to the boy , “ Child, you need to be cautious when you climb the tree”.  The boy remarked, “ Don’t worry this is simple, everyone can do this”. He said this and started to climb the tree. The old man looked with his tranquil eyes. The boy reached the top of the tree and then stared to come down.

When the boy was one third distance away from the ground, the old man shouted , “ Just be careful son, don’t be in a hurry”. The boy jumped to the floor and came to the old man and said , “ you never said a word when I was climbing up but you were telling me to be cautious , why so?”.  

The old man said, “You started climbing with excitement, so you would be very cautious at that time yourself. But when people are more nearer to there destination, that is when you starting to come down, they start thinking that the destination is near and simple and lose focus, that is why I reminded you”.