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Ahsans Computer Virus Trozan Fix

Recently I had big trouble with my computer as ….it was affected by Ahsan virus..

It changes my browser title to Ahsan’s….

I was not able to open my task manager or any other antivirus software

Whenever I tried to open any link containing the info. on the virus in my browser it closed with out any prompt.

It renames my computer n my documents to Ahsan’s computer n document

I was not able to update or install any other anti virus software.

It disables d command prompt.

I was not able to access my registry editor or any other registry explorer, etc.

Also show hidden file options in the folder options was not working.

The virus creates a file named home video.avi.exe on all my partitions.

Formatting and Reinstalling the windows also didn’t help either n I couldn’t find any concrete Sol. On internet as more all less all sol were regarding modifying the registry values lol (registry editor was disabled by the virus)

Finally I found the sol..fix is as follows :

Goto Run and type in cmd or command. Once at the command prompt type in “cd\” without the quotes to go to the root of the current drive. Then type “del <name.extension> /f /a /s /q”

The name extension of the file is csrss.exe. Delete it from all the root drives and then manual delete the file home video.avi.exe in all the drives.

If command Prompt is not working den go to folder options and disable hide protected operating system files…This will make the csrss.exe file visible on all the drives. Delete it manually and your system will b free from Ahsan virus.

Caution: While manually deleting the virus do not open the drives directly rather explore the drives or it will again spread to the primary drive and will disable the command prompt etc.

Information regarding this virus can be read on the following link


contributed by Piyush