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IPL, politics and Match Fixing was just the last evening I was with some old friends and we were discussing about how this IPL is just trying to be every where by playing with the sentiment of the nation who treats cricket as a national game [despite the national game being Hockey] and cricketers as Gods.

And today I wake up in the afternoon at 3 just to see the match fixing Breaking news all over the news channels.

The way the matches have been played and the way the points have tallied up, surely tells that some thing is there that is not normal or may be its just a speculation. Many experts are dumbfounded by league’s chairman- Lalit Modi’s almost accurate prediction of results in the tournament so far. And this is not for the first time the eyebrows are being raised over Modi’s so correct guesses. During last year’s edition, Modi had correctly predicted a Rajasthan Royals win even as their match against Kolkata Knight Riders  was headed for a nail-biting finish.

There has been some issue between Modi and Tharoor over the Kerala IPL team and the IPL. Modi has been trying hard to stick to his chair as the authority of the IPL while Tharoor is now under intense pressure to resign, Modi has also landed in a soup as details have also emerged of his relatives’ stakes in Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab.

Modi alleged that Tharoor tried to pressurise him into not revealing the stakeholders’ identity, especially Sunanda. Tharoor denied the allegations and accused Modi of trying to scuttle Kochi’s bid. Its a ugly word war going on.

While Sunanda’s attorney today revealed that Ms Sunanda is voluntarily giving up her 4.5% stake in Koci and would not be in any way associated with the team and IPL from now on.

The IPL is moving towards what can I say the WWF wrestling where every thing is pre decided. We would like to have your say over this.