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Ignore the Timing, AMD's News is Huge

As the Test Center’s Brian Sheinberg reports in his review, AMD is delivering to market CPUs, 3.0GHz X4 945 and the 3.2GHz Black Edition X4 955, that could spark a new round of competition in desktop pricing in ways we haven’t seen in a while.

The Black Edition X4 955 is priced at $245, a fraction of the price of PC processors in the same ballpark from Intel. While Intel has been simply dominant for the past two years in both engineering and execution, and its latest Nehalem processors for servers are the most powerful we’ve ever seen, AMD’s latest Black Edition CPU has all the earmarks of a game-changer for system builders and their customers. The AMD pricing scheme on the new chips will invite many into the world of screamingly high performance that otherwise would have had to wait a year or two until Intel pricing dropped.

Here’s how AMD does it, according to Sheinberg’s review:

With another acronym, BEMP (Black Edition Memory Profiles), AMD has worked with memory manufacturers to create a database of specifications for certain high-frequency DDR3 modules. When using a motherboard with a BIOS that supports it, OverDrive 3.0 can use BEMP to look up frequency and latency settings and automatically set the parameters within the BIOS.

Just by using BEMP, our Geekbench2 score jumped to 6,114 but, this being a Black Edition, we decided to push the CPU a little and do some overclocking. Using only stock heat sink and fan cooling, reviewers slowly increased the processor’s multiplier and voltage levels, finally reaching a surprising overall speed of 4.0GHz — almost a full GHz above its out-of-the-box frequency. At this speed, our system’s Geekbench2 score was 7,434.

Getting the most out of a PC’s hardware profile will be key to getting the most out of Windows Vista, Windows 7 when it ships, or even Linux for that matter.

Headlines today may be spread out among other stories, but keep an eye on AMD and its latest PC processors and technology during the coming weeks and months. Keep an eye on Intel, too, and how they may respond.

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Pirate Bay lawyers demand retrial

Lawyers for four men jailed for running The Pirate Bay file-sharing website are calling for a retrial, saying the judge could have had a conflict of interest. Judge Tomas Norstrom is a member of the Swedish Copyright Association and sits on the board of Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property.

But the judge has told Swedish Radio: “These activities do not constitute a conflict of interest.”

Sweden’s Court of Appeal would rule on a possible retrial, the lawyers said.

Frederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Carl Lundstrom and Peter Sunde were found guilty of breaking copyright law on 17 April 2009 and sentenced to a year in jail.

The four were also ordered to pay $4.5m (£3m) in damages to a number of entertainment companies, including Warner Bros, Sony Music Entertainment.

Peter Althin, who represents The Pirate Bay (TPB) spokesman Peter Sunde, said it was for the appeal courts to decide if there was to be a retrial, as it emerged the judge and lawyers for the entertainment industry were members of the copyright association.

“In the autumn I received information that a lay judge could have similar connections. I sent these to the court and the judge was excluded in order to prevent a conflict of interest. It would have been reasonable to then review this situation as well,” Althin told Sveriges Radio.

Speaking to the BBC, Sven-Erik Alhem – a former senior attorney in Sweden – said the judge had made an error of judgement, but a retrial was unlikely.

“The judge should have told the parties of his other engagements. Had he done that then they could make a decision on whether they wanted him as a judge in their case.

“I’m not sure the superior court could say that this was unfair, but had he been open then it wouldn’t have been an issue,” he said.

Rick Falkvinge, leader of the Swedish Pirate Party, told the BBC the judge had made an “unforgiveable” decision.

“This is corruption and judicial decay at an unforgiveable level.

“The judge in one of Sweden’s most high profile case ever is also a member of an interest organisation for one side and associates with the prosecution trial lawyers in his free time? That is inexcusable corruption,” said Mr Falkvinge.

The Pirate Bay file-sharing website was set up in 2003 by anti-copyright organisation Piratbyran, but for the past five years it has been run by individuals.

Millions of files are exchanged using the service every day.

No copyright content is hosted on The Pirate Bay’s web servers. The site hosts BitTorrent links to TV, film and music files held on its users’ computers.

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Peoples car, an idea whose time has come… Ratan Tata.

Tata nano the much awaited people’s car is all set to roll out on march 23 2009. Nano is all set to break all sales and booking records and the gurus are already comparing it to the Ford model T. People have been waiting for it very eagerly and now that the launched date has been announced they can’t wait any further.

Despite the economic slowdown the Tatas have managed to do what they had said. Earlier this year there were speculations that nano might roll out in the first quarter but also there were speculations that it might get delayed too.

Now we have the nano and apart from that Tata has a big line up for the days ahead. Following nano will be the Fiat Grande Punto in June, Tata X-over due in last quarter 2009, Tata Safari all new models, Fiat Bravo, Tata Indigo and many others…

So keep watching…

Will Tata’s Nano come out to play on Republic day?

Tata Nano has been the much awaited car since last year and the interest of the people in Nano has only increased. The word is in the air that Tata’s may be making the symbolic statement this Republic Day.

According to highly placed sources at top Tata Dealers “Yes we have inputs that clearly indicate that Nano will roll out on 26 January. We are preparing for that and people are optimistic about it. There is an unending customer list registered for Nano and whenever booking starts these customers will get top priority”.

“Tata will debut Nano in the first quarter of 2009 at any cost but there is no surety of the exact date. January 26 may be the best day for the roll out as it has national significance” said Adil Jal Daukhanwala, Editor in Chief, Times Zigwheel

Internal sources in the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) claim that Nano has cleared ARAI tests in October.

Another highly placed TATA source thinks January 26 too early for the roll out, however the call will definitely hit the market before March.

Roadblocks faced by TATA’s Nano


sourced from Pune Mirror issue dated Jan 3, 2009.

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Considering the number students in our campus and the taking into account that each student has to have a laptop with him/her we arrive at a conclusion that we use a lot of power to power up our laptops and what would be better than knowing how one can prolongs one’s laptop’s battery life which tend to die after every year.

These following practices would not only provide longer running time on battery but will also be lowering the power wastage as we all know that the laptops of today are power hogs and most of the time that they are running the resources are under utilized.

BLACK is ever green*

Well black in reality is not a color. It actually is the absence of all colors and it is the only color on the desktop that requires the minimum amount of power to run. So go black. Get the black themes. Turn your desktops to black.

*applicable only to CRTs not LCDS [thanks to anon]

Use only what is needed

Most of the laptops today have far more crunching power than required for normal college related work [leave gaming]. So its recommended to use applications such as Rightmark CPU Clock Utility to run the computer at lower clock speeds to save power and prolong the battery run out time.

Don’t Sleep, Hibernate

When we put our computer to sleep it still uses some power to maintain the data in the ram. But Hibernate mode completely turns it off so its better to Hibernate the laptops if you are leaving it for a period of more than a few minutes.


Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology



She was born on March 11 in the village of Saini, about 40 miles from New Delhi, India. She was born with two heads from a condition called polycephaly. At first she was revered as a reincarnation of the God Ganesh, half person and half elephant. Locals came to the tiny village of Saini to touch her feet, dance around her and offer her family money.

She was born naturally,and her family did not know anything was wrong until after she came out. Millions of rural women in India do not receive prenatal care. The family has not yet given the girl a name.

Her parents have so far ignored pleas by the local hospital to perform a CT scan. Until the scan is done there’s no way to know whether her condition is life-threatening or how she can be treated.


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Tata NANO vs Renault YENI and Bajaj to follow

nano std

Tata Nano Base model priced at 130000 INR

The Dlx model cost more than       175000 INR

nano dlx

Tata Nano DLX

Tata Nano : A comfortable, safe, all-weather people’s car, high on fuel efficiency and low on emissions [TATA]

nano intnano standard sidenano dlx side

Tata Motors has just unveiled its hotly anticipated ‘one-Lakh’ car at the New Delhi Auto Expo. Officially called the Nano, the new vehicle is also known as the ‘people’s car’, as it aims to get the upwardly mobile Indian market motoring for a starting price of 100,000 rupees ($2,500).

Available in either Standard (red) or Luxury (yellow) guise, the 624cc, rear-engined four-door Nano has been designed for a four person family and is claimed to have generous interior space despite its compact exterior dimensions – the car is just 3.1m long, 1.5m wide and stands 1.6m high. The mono-volume design, with wheels at the corners, enables this combination of space while facilitating maneuverability in crowded urban areas.

Aside from its low price, a strong selling point of the new Nano will also likely be the ability to personalize the vehicle, like the Mini and the Fiat 500. Buyers will be able to specify different scoop trim (situated ahead of the rear wheels), decals, seat covers and dash colors. It is expected to launch in India later this year.



Renault Yeni

130000 INR

Launched in India by Mahindra with Renaults Collaboration To compete with Tata Nano and Fiat 500

yeni2yeni2yeni intyeni int2

The cheapest car available soon in India by the collaboration of RENAULT and Mahindra. The car will cost around Rs 1,30,000 which will compete TATA mini car and FIAT 500 . This car will be available soon in market at end of 2007 all these car s are in same segment and the price of these mini cars is really close to each other. These will effect the sale of bikes because these mini cars are much efficient and fuel effective and cost little more then a bike so every one would like to buy car rather than a bike, so these car will change the trend and every one will purchase these mini cars. This would also effect the mid range cars market.

These three companies are good at market and there will be very good competition after
releasing these car. Information for the car Mahindra – Renault Yeni will be available
on every showroom of Mahindra detail of this car. The car looks are futuristic design like
swift already in market. Mahindra-Renault also launched the Logan which is running at good
pace in market.

This segment is very tight there are many cars and big brand available like General Motors Lancer,  Ford Fiesta,  Swift Optra Magnum and much more. But in mini segment there is growth but yet it will boost sales record when these cars enter in market. These cars are affordable by price and running cost . Everyone wants to buy a car but price of car and running cost shatter their dreams but now dreams will come true for the middle class families. This new year will give you greatest gift of new Yeni car by the collaboration of RENAULT and Mahindra.


bajaj concept

Bajaj Concept Lite

Bajaj Auto, India’s second-largest motorcycle maker, unveiled its diminutive ‘Lite’ concept car at the New Delhi Auto Expo, two days before Tata launched the Nano. The intra-city car is expected to be priced around Rs 1.25 lakhs (3,000 US dollars).

bajaj concept2bajaj concept23

With a tall body stance and five doors, the Lite measures approximately 3.3m long, 1.4m wide and stands 1.5m high. It is expected to be built in collaboration with Renault-Nissan within another two to four years.

The 600cc two-cylinder city runabout will be available in both petrol and diesel variants, with a new format semi-automatic transmission, which will be a mix between conventional manual and automatic transmission, sending power to the rear wheels.

The USP of the car would be highest range of mileage in the small car segment, which would allow low operational costs. The standard version of the car will come with air conditioning and will meet safety and emission requirements in the domestic market.


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